Wheel of Fortune as Yes or No(Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a symbol of fate, cycles, and significant life changes. Its appearance in a reading can indicate a pivotal moment in the querent’s life, especially when seeking guidance on specific yes or no questions. The Wheel’s position—upright or reversed—offers nuanced insights into the nature of the inquiry. Let’s explore what the Wheel of Fortune suggests about various aspects of relationships, interpreting its message as a yes or no outcome.

Upright Wheel of Fortune as Yes or No Outcome

Upright Wheel of Fortune in Potential Relationship

When querying about the potential of a new relationship and the Wheel of Fortune appears upright, it leans towards a “yes.” This card suggests that fate is at play, and there’s a significant opportunity for something meaningful to develop. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that now is a time of positive change and that the universe may be aligning to bring you together with someone who could have a significant impact on your life. Embrace the possibilities and remain open to the unexpected turns that may come.

Upright Wheel of Fortune in New Relationships

In the context of new relationships, the upright Wheel of Fortune also suggests a “yes,” indicating that this relationship has the potential to grow and evolve positively. The Wheel’s presence is a sign of forward momentum and beneficial changes that can strengthen the bond between partners. It’s an encouragement to continue investing in the relationship, as it is likely to lead to happiness and fulfillment for both individuals involved.

Upright Wheel of Fortune in Existing Relationships

For those in existing relationships, the upright Wheel of Fortune is a favorable “yes,” symbolizing a period of renewal and positive transformation. It may point to the resolution of past issues, a rekindling of love, or the start of a new, happier chapter. This card reflects the cyclic nature of relationships and suggests that the current phase could bring about a significant turning point that enhances the connection and understanding between partners.

Upright Wheel of Fortune in Separation

If the question pertains to the possibility of reconciliation or positive outcomes post-separation, the upright Wheel of Fortune leans towards a “yes.” It indicates that the separation may lead to personal growth, new opportunities, and possibly a reconnection in the future under better circumstances. The card advises acceptance of the current cycle of change, with an optimistic outlook towards what fate has in store.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed as Yes or No Outcome

Wheel of Fortune Reversed in New Beginnings

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed in the context of new beginnings, it suggests a “no,” indicating delays or challenges that hinder progress. The reversal may signal that the time is not right for the change you are hoping for, advising patience and introspection to understand what might be blocking your path forward.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed in Potential Relationships

In potential relationships, the reversed Wheel of Fortune suggests a “no,” implying that a connection might not develop as hoped or that there are obstacles to be overcome before it can. It serves as a reminder to reflect on personal readiness for a new relationship and to consider whether external or internal factors are affecting the situation.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed in New Relationships

For new relationships, a reversed Wheel of Fortune can indicate a “no,” pointing to potential issues that may prevent the relationship from flourishing. This position warns of misunderstandings, lack of growth, or external pressures that could strain the connection, suggesting the need for clear communication and mutual effort to navigate challenges.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed in Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the reversed Wheel of Fortune typically signifies a “no,” reflecting a period of stagnation or dissatisfaction. It highlights the need for change to reinvigorate the relationship and suggests that without effort to address current issues, the situation may not improve.

Wheel of Fortune Reversed in Separated Relationships

When it comes to separated relationships, the reversed Wheel of Fortune leans towards a “no,” indicating difficulties in moving past the separation or achieving closure. It emphasizes the need for healing and personal growth before positive changes can occur, suggesting that reconciliation may not be the immediate path forward.


The Wheel of Fortune, with its symbolism of cyclical change and fate, offers profound insights into relationship inquiries. Its upright position generally indicates a “yes,” suggesting that positive changes and opportunities are on the horizon. Conversely, its reversed position leans towards a “no,” highlighting challenges, delays, or the need for introspection and personal growth. Regardless of its orientation, the Wheel of Fortune reminds us that life is a series of cycles and changes, each with its own lessons and opportunities for growth.