The Magician as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Imagine this: you’re shuffling your tarot deck, asking questions about love and relationships, when the Magician card appears. It’s an intriguing sight for sure, but what does it signify? The Magician—often associated with skill, transformation, and manifestation—can offer profound insights into your romantic life.

The Magician in its upright position could symbolize a time of self-confidence and adaptability in your love life. You might be starting to realize that you have all the tools needed to create the romantic future that you want. Perhaps it’s indicating that now is an excellent time for clear communication and decisive action within your relationship.

But flip it upside down, and now we’re dealing with the reversed Magician. This could suggest trickery or manipulation at play in your relationship. Maybe it means there’s confusion or chaos brewing under the surface of your seemingly calm waters of love. Deciphering these subtleties can provide much-needed clarity on where you stand emotionally with others.

In this article, we’ll delve deeper into these interpretations of the Magician as feelings in love & relationships — both upright and reversed — helping you navigate through those complex emotions that come along with matters of the heart.

The Symbolism of the Magician

Diving into the world of tarot, you’ll encounter the Magician card as one with deep symbolism. This card is usually depicted as a man holding a wand in one hand and pointing to the earth with another. It’s an image that speaks volumes about power and resourcefulness.

The Magician is all about manifestation – turning ideas into reality. He’s got all four suits of Tarot on his table: Cups, Pentacles, Swords, and Wands. These represent the key resources available to him – emotions (Cups), material items (Pentacles), thoughts (Swords) and energy or passion (Wands). His ability to utilize these tools reveals his creativity and adaptability.

Above his head is an eternity symbol – also known as lemniscate – highlighting infinite possibilities and perfect balance between thought and action. That’s an encouraging sign for those seeking success in love or career endeavours.

In terms of color symbolism, it’s hard not to notice that vibrant red cloak he wears which stands for desire and physical energy while white represents purity & innocence which can be seen in his undergarment.

Lastly, look at where he stands! It’s a lush garden blooming with flowers indicating prosperity plus potential for growth while far off mountains suggest upcoming challenges but also achievements once they’re overcome.

Here are key elements found in most depictions of The Magician:

  • Wand held up high
  • Four suits represented on table
  • Eternity symbol above head
  • Red clothing symbolizing desire
  • White undergarments representing purity
  • Lush garden setting

Remember this imagery next time you pull out The Magician during your tarot reading session. Each element holds keys to interpret how this card fits into your current situation or question.

Upright Magician as Feelings

Diving into the realm of tarot, it’s fascinating to explore the symbolism and emotional resonance of each card. One such card, the upright Magician, beckons us with its powerful message about feelings in love and relationships.

How Someone Feels About You

When you draw the upright Magician in a reading about how someone feels about you, it suggests they see you as a person of action and initiative. They’re likely awed by your charisma, your ability to manifest dreams into reality, and your relentless pursuit of goals. It’s like you’ve cast a spell over them with your compelling personality and can-do attitude.

  • You’re seen as confident
  • You’re perceived as resourceful
  • Your dynamism is highly attractive


For those who are single, pulling the upright Magician indicates that you’re radiating an irresistible energy that could attract potential partners. It signifies self-assuredness and assertiveness—qualities that are indeed attractive.

  • You have a magnetic aura
  • Your self-confidence draws people towards you
  • Your assertiveness may lead to promising encounters

Existing Relationship

In an existing relationship context, the upright Magician reflects feelings of empowerment and revitalization. It might mean you or your partner feel recharged or inspired to bring fresh ideas into the relationship.

  • A sense of rejuvenation permeates your partnership
  • Either one or both parties feel empowered
  • New ideas may breathe life into the relationship

Ex’s Feeling

As for exes? The appearance of this card suggests they still perceive you as someone unique and impactful in their lives. They may recall how dynamically vibrant you were together—a feeling difficult to forget.

  • You left an indelible mark on their heart
  • Memories of vibrancy linger
  • The impact made during the relationship remains significant

Magician Reversed as Love Outcome

Love Questions

When you draw the Magician reversed in a love reading, it’s often a sign that things aren’t quite as they seem. Perhaps you’re feeling disconnected from your partner or the spark has somehow dimmed. This card can highlight manipulation, deceit, or simply miscommunication that is causing friction in your relationship.

Career Questions

If the Magician reversed pops up during a career reading, don’t be alarmed. It’s not necessarily bad luck; rather it might indicate that you’re lacking self-belief or you’re not utilizing your skills effectively at work. Maybe it’s time to take control and channel your inner magician to turn things around for better.

New Relationship

In terms of new relationships, pulling the Magician reversed could suggest there may be some red flags to watch out for. It could mean either party isn’t being fully honest about their feelings or intentions. However, this doesn’t mean doom and gloom! With open communication and understanding, these hurdles can certainly be overcome.

Existing Relationship

For individuals in an existing relationship, drawing this card in reverse might signal a need for introspection. Evaluate if there’s any imbalance of power or lack of mutual respect between you two – these could potentially act as barriers to deeper connection and growth.

Reconciliation with an Ex

The topic of reconciling with an ex is always tricky; yet if you’ve drawn the Magician inverted it may hint at unresolved issues needing attention before going down this path again. It suggests caution is required so past mistakes aren’t repeated – ensuring both parties are genuinely ready for reconciliation.

Remember: Tarot readings are subjective and depend on personal interpretation – they should never replace professional advice when dealing with serious matters.


Interpreting the Magician card in the context of love and relationships, whether upright or reversed, can be a thrilling journey. You’ve seen how it’s an emblem of manifestation, creativity, and resourcefulness when drawn upright. Yet you’ve also learned that, in its reversed form, it can caution against manipulation or misuse of power.

Remembering these interpretations will help you understand your emotional landscape better when this card surfaces during a tarot reading. It’s important to note that no tarot card carries only good or bad news; they’re tools for introspection and guidance.

In love and relationships:

  • The Magician upright encourages you to harness your abilities to manifest what you want.
  • In its reverse state, however, it urges vigilance against manipulative behavior either from yourself or others.

Reflecting on these meanings can provide insight into your relationship dynamics. So next time this card appears in a reading about love and relationships, recall what you’ve learned here today.

In conclusion, the Magician is less about predicting future events as it is about helping you navigate current situations with wisdom and foresight. So lean into its messages – both the empowering ones and those that challenge you to grow.

Don’t forget: You’re the real magic-maker in your life and relationships!