The Lovers as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

When you’re navigating the complex landscape of love and relationships, understanding tarot card meanings can offer invaluable insight. The Lovers card is one such tool. It’s a symbol of harmony, attraction, and idealized love in its upright position. When you pull this card during a reading, it often indicates the presence of deep affection and mutual respect in your relationship.

However, the Lovers card isn’t always about romance. This powerful tarot symbol can also represent choices that need to be made or moral dilemmas to be faced. It’s about finding balance – between head and heart, desire and duty.

But what happens when the Lovers appear reversed? The meaning may shift from unity to disconnection, indicating possible conflicts or imbalance within your relationships. It might signal unrequited feelings or a decision that has been causing emotional turmoil. The complexity of this card is why it demands a closer look at its implications for both single individuals and those in relationships.

The Symbolism of Lovers

Unraveling the symbolism behind the Lovers card in tarot can be quite an enlightening experience. It’s a card that speaks volumes about connection, choices, and personal values.

Firstly, you’ll notice two figures on this card; they represent Adam and Eve from biblical lore. Their presence indicates harmony and mutual understanding – fundamental aspects of any relationship. This imagery also suggests the necessity of balance between two parties involved in a partnership, it’s all about give-and-take after all.

Another key symbol is the angel hovering above them, which represents Archangel Raphael – the angel of air who is associated with healing. This signifies that love has a profound capacity to heal wounds and harmonize various aspects of your life.

The radiant sun shining brightly overhead stands for warmth and positivity. It tells us that love isn’t just about deep feelings; it’s also about fostering an environment where growth is possible.

What’s more intriguing? There’s even symbolism within their nudity! Being exposed in this way symbolizes being open to change and unafraid or vulnerable to reveal one’s true self.

Now let’s talk trees – because yes, even these aren’t random elements. The tree behind Adam displays flames, indicating passion while the fruit tree behind Eve shows abundance and fertility.

In its reversed position though, things take a different turn. Here we see turmoil and imbalance creeping into relationships due to poor decisions or lack thereof.

So whether upright or reversed – it’s clear that every element in “The Lovers” tarot card carries deep symbolic meaning related to love & relationships.

Upright Lovers as feelings

How someone feels about you

When the upright lovers card emerges in relation to how someone feels about you, it’s a sign of deep affection and attraction. This individual is likely feeling a strong connection, marked by mutual respect and understanding. They may see you as their perfect match – someone who complements them in every way. The profound bond suggested by this card isn’t limited to romantic love; it can also indicate a powerful friendship or partnership.


For those unattached folks out there, drawing the upright lovers card can be a promising omen. You’re on the cusp of meeting someone special, someone who will stir deep emotions within you and bring balance to your life. This person won’t just be another date; they’ll be a potential soulmate with whom you share an intense emotional and spiritual connection.

Existing relationship

In an ongoing relationship context, the upright lovers can symbolize harmony and deep-seated love between partners. It suggests that both of you are experiencing profound feelings for each other, leading to a balanced and harmonious union. You’re not just going through the motions – there’s genuine care, understanding, and desire present in this relationship.

Ex’s Feeling

Contrary to popular belief, seeing an upright lover’s card when considering an ex-partner’s feelings might not always mean they want to rekindle the flame. Instead, it could signify that they still hold strong positive feelings towards you – whether that’s platonic love or simply respect and fond memories from your time together.

Always remember: tarot cards like “The Lovers” aren’t crystal balls predicting irrefutable future events – they’re guides helping us explore our feelings & relationships more deeply!

Lovers Reversed as Love Outcome

Love Questions

When you’re seeking answers to your love questions, pulling the Lovers card in a reversed position might seem disappointing. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. In this context, it implies that there might be challenges or conflicts within your relationship. It could mean there’s a need for open communication to resolve misunderstandings. For some, it may point out an imbalance of give-and-take in your relationship.

Career Questions

In relation to career queries, drawing the Lovers reversed can indicate problems with co-workers or difficulties making decisions at work. You might be facing dilemmas that demand your attention and careful thought before making a decision. This is the time for you to consider all options carefully and select what aligns best with your values.

New Relationship

Entering into a new relationship? The Lovers reversed could imply potential issues on the horizon, such as disagreements or unmet expectations. Remember, every new bond experiences growing pains. So don’t be disheartened if things aren’t perfect from the get-go.

Existing Relationship

If you’re inquiring about an existing relationship, this card signifies unresolved problems coming back to haunt you both again. Issues neglected in the past may resurface demanding resolution once and for all—be ready!

Reconciliation With An Ex

Thinking about getting back together with an ex-partner? Seeing this card reversed suggests going down familiar paths may not yield different results unless changes are made first thing. Reflect on why things ended initially before jumping back into something old again.

Remember: Tarot cards provide guidance but aren’t definitive prophecies; they’re tools meant to provoke thought rather than dictate actions.


Unraveling the depth of The Lovers card in Tarot can be quite an eye-opening journey. You’ve explored its upright and reversed meanings, specifically in relation to love and relationships. Remember that these interpretations don’t promise a fixed outcome, but they can provide you with guidance.

It’s important to understand that when The Lovers card appears upright during a reading, it signifies harmony and mutual attraction. This could point toward a strong relationship that’s defined by love, respect, and understanding. It may also indicate the need for decision-making by weighing all aspects of the situation.

On the flip side, if you draw this card in its reversed position during your reading, it might hint at imbalances or conflicts within your relationships. But don’t let this scare you! Instead, consider it as a wake-up call to address issues that might have been overlooked.

Now, let’s get something clear: While tarot readings are insightful tools for introspection and guidance, they’re not meant to substitute professional advice or personal judgment. They serve as mirrors reflecting hidden aspects of our lives and ourselves.

So next time you pull The Lovers card from your deck—whether upright or reversed—remember what you’ve learned here today:

  • Upright – signifying harmony, attraction or even big decisions
  • Reversed – indicating imbalance or conflict which needs attention

Embrace these messages as learning opportunities rather than definitive answers about your future. By doing so, you’ll truly leverage the power of tarot readings in navigating through life’s complexities—especially when it comes to matters of the heart.