The Lovers as Career (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Exploring the world of tarot, you’ve likely encountered the Lovers card. Upright or reversed, this powerful symbol can offer guidance not just in matters of the heart, but also in your professional life. The Lovers card is much more than a simple indicator of romantic relationships—it’s a signifier of choices, balance, and alignment.

When drawn upright, the Lovers tarot card suggests harmony and mutual understanding—qualities that are beneficial for career progression. It might be hinting at the need to make important decisions with respect to your work life. On the other hand, if you draw this card in its reversed position, it’s often seen as an indication of imbalance or misalignment within your professional sphere.

So let’s dive deeper into how the Lovers Tarot Card can provide valuable insights about your career path—whether it shows up upright or reversed!

The Symbolism of Lovers

Diving right into the symbolism of the ‘Lovers’ tarot card, you’ll notice it’s steeped in deep meanings and diverse interpretations. At its core, this card signifies choice, love, relationships, unity, and values alignment. It’s no surprise that when this card appears during a career advice reading session, it can stir up some intriguing discussions.

Let’s start with the visual aspect of the Lovers card. You’ll typically see an image of two individuals who seem to be in a state of blissful connection under a bright sun. This imagery is symbolic of harmony and mutual understanding – crucial attributes for a successful professional journey.

The angel hovering above these figures represents Archangel Raphael – the angel of healing. This indicates that any decision you make will have divine support and guidance. It also symbolically suggests that your career choices should align with your personal healing or growth.

You may wonder how an apparently romantic card like ‘Lovers’ fits into career advice? Well, here’s where it gets interesting:

  • In an upright position, it could mean you’re at a crossroads in your professional life where important decisions need to be made.
  • If you draw this card reversed during a career reading session, it might suggest misalignment between your values and work situation or potential conflicts at workplace.

Remember not to take these interpretations as rigid rules but rather as guidelines for introspection on your career path! Whether upright or reversed, the Lovers tarot card prompts you to consider if what you do aligns with who you are and what truly matters to you.

Upright Lovers as career advice

When the upright Lovers tarot card pops up in a career reading, there’s a lot to unpack. This card represents harmony, relationships, values alignment, and choices. It’s all about finding your passion and aligning it with your work.

New Job

Landing on the upright Lovers card when contemplating a new job? That’s an encouraging sign! This could mean you’re about to find something that truly speaks to your heart. Perhaps you’ve been contemplating whether or not to accept an offer—this card might be the push you need. It suggests that this opportunity holds significant potential for personal growth and satisfaction.

Financial Advice

If you’re seeking financial guidance from the upright Lovers card, it inspires making decisions in alignment with what feels right for you. Don’t just chase after money – consider if the financial opportunities align with your core values too. The key here is balance between material gains and emotional fulfillment.

Current Job

Feeling restless at your current job? Not sure if it’s still the right fit? The appearance of this card advises that now may be time for some soul-searching regarding your professional life. Are your personal beliefs being honored at work? If they aren’t, it’s possible that changes are necessary for long-term happiness and success.

Starting a Business

For those thinking of starting their own business, this card can be seen as a positive omen! It hints at partnerships and collaborations which could prove beneficial. However, there’s also an element of choice involved—the decision should not solely depend on others but resonate deeply within yourself too.

Switch industries

Considering switching industries entirely? You’re likely facing a daunting decision—one filled with uncertainty and risk—but exciting possibilities as well! The upright Lovers suggests taking stock of what truly matters to you professionally before leaping into unknown territory.

Remember: every tarot reading is subjective—you have free will over how these insights apply in real life scenarios.

Lovers Reversed as Career Advice

New Job

When the Lovers card is reversed, it’s often a sign that you might be facing a challenging time in your career. Perhaps you’ve been feeling unfulfilled or stuck in your current job and are considering a change. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider all options before making any drastic decisions. Think about what truly drives you and where your passion lies. Is there a new job out there that aligns with these? If so, then perhaps it’s time to take the leap.

Financial Advice

The Lovers reversed can also provide insight into financial matters related to your career. If this card appears during a reading, it could indicate potential conflicts or misalignment between your personal values and those of your workplace concerning monetary affairs. It might signal a need for you to reassess how much value you place on money versus other aspects of life like work satisfaction and personal growth.

Current Job

In terms of your current employment status, drawing the Lovers reversed may suggest dissatisfaction or conflict at work. There could be disagreements with colleagues or superiors that are causing distress. It’s important not to let these issues fester but instead address them head-on constructively.

Starting a Business

Thinking about turning an entrepreneurial dream into reality? The Lovers reversed offers guidance here too! This card suggests careful evaluation of business partnerships – make sure shared goals align before entering any agreement. Additionally, ensure there’s balance between risk-taking and caution when starting up.

Switch Industries

Lastly, if you’re pondering switching industries altogether, the Lovers reversed serves as advice again: tread carefully! Such changes should be considered deeply as they can lead to significant shifts in lifestyle and financial stability. Tap into intuition while deciding – does the industry switch resonate with personal values?

Remember – no matter what decision is faced in relation to career matters, the key message from the Lover’s card (upright or reversed) remains: alignment with self-values should always guide choices made.


Diving into the world of tarot, you’ve learned that the Lovers card isn’t simply about romance. It’s a symbol of harmony, choices and personal beliefs that can provide valuable insights into your career path. Whether upright or reversed, this card holds powerful messages for your professional life.

When drawn in an upright position, the Lovers card prompts you to consider your values and passions. It nudges you toward making decisions aligned with what truly matters to you. Remember that it’s not just about following societal expectations or choosing the most lucrative path.

The reversed Lovers card isn’t necessarily negative either. It might signal a need for self-reflection or a hint that you’re at a crossroads in your career. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate if your current job aligns with your inner truths.

Remember, tarot is all about introspection and guidance—it doesn’t predict the future but helps clarify thoughts and emotions influencing present decisions. So, when seeking advice from the Lovers card about careers, let it help illuminate options rather than dictate choices.

So as you continue on your career journey, keep these interpretations of the Lovers tarot card in mind. They can be invaluable aids in understanding where you are now and guiding where you want to go next.