The High Priestess as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

When you draw the High Priestess in a love or relationship reading, it’s like opening a mystical book that holds the secrets of your emotional world. This card serves as an invitation to go deeper, to explore what lies beneath the surface of your feelings. The High Priestess is all about intuition, mystery, and inner knowledge – aspects that are often pivotal in any romantic involvement.

Upright in her position, the High Priestess may indicate that it’s time for some soul-searching. She could be hinting at hidden emotions or unseen potentials within your relationship. It’s a call to listen more closely to your heart and trust what it tells you. If you’re single, this card can signify a need for self-reflection before diving into new love.

On the other hand, when reversed, she might be warning you about being out of touch with your feelings or ignoring your intuition. Herein lies a reminder not to neglect these essential parts of yourself for they play key roles in how we connect with others romantically. Whether upright or reversed – understanding the High Priestess as feelings in love and relationships offers enlightening insights into navigating the emotional landscape.

The Symbolism of High Priestess

Dive into the mysterious world of tarot and you’ll find yourself fascinated by the High Priestess. She’s a figure that carries profound symbolism, particularly in love and relationships. Situated between two pillars, one black and one white, she embodies balance – a concept critical to any successful relationship.

The High Priestess is seen holding a torah scroll which represents wisdom or knowledge. In love, this could symbolize understanding your partner’s needs and wants, communication skills or even knowing when it’s time to let go. If you’re asking about feelings in love, seeing the High Priestess might suggest that intuition plays a vital role in your current situation.

Look closer at the card and you’ll notice the crescent moon at her feet. This lunar symbol speaks volumes about embracing emotions – both yours and your partner’s. It encourages openness with feelings and emotional maturity which are essential for nurturing deep bonds in love.

Her blue cloak symbolizes tranquility while her crown signifies enlightenment or spiritual insight. These elements combined speak to peace within relationships as well as gaining deeper insights about each other through shared experiences.

But what happens if you draw this card reversed? Reversed cards often represent blocked energies or potential challenges ahead. A reversed High Priestess may indicate ignoring intuition, lack of self-awareness or emotional imbalance – areas worth focusing on for maintaining harmony in relationships.

Remember though, every tarot reading is subjective and unique to each individual’s context. So whether drawn upright or reversed, how you interpret the High Priestess will largely depend on your personal circumstances.

Upright High Priestess as Feelings

How Someone Feels About You

When someone sees you through the lens of the upright High Priestess, they’re experiencing deep emotions. The feeling is mystical and profound. They’re attracted to your inner wisdom and intuition, noticing an alluring aura of mystery about you. This person may feel like they are drawn to you in a spiritual sense rather than physical or intellectual one.


As a single individual encountering the upright High Priestess in matters of love, it’s time to trust your instincts more than ever. Your feelings might be intense and almost psychic—trust them! The upright High Priestess encourages singles to take some quiet moments for introspection, listening closely to their heart’s whisperings.

Existing Relationship

In an existing relationship, if you’re relating with your partner as an upright High Priestess, there’s harmony on a profound level. It signifies that your relationship is not just skin-deep; it has evolved into something deeply emotional and spiritual. There could be unspoken understandings and shared dreams that cement your bond further.

Ex’s Feeling

If we talk about how an ex-partner views you under the influence of this card, then it’s quite interesting! An ex-partner might perceive you as mysterious or difficult to understand following a breakup – even somewhat elusive. They likely recognize your strong intuitive abilities post-relationship and could still feel spiritually connected or drawn toward you.

Remember: love isn’t always loud; sometimes it whispers subtly in our hearts. When we silence our minds enough to listen—that’s when true understanding blooms!

High Priestess Reversed as Love Outcome

When it comes to love, the reversed High Priestess card can indicate a range of outcomes. You’ll want to pay close attention to your intuition during this time. The answers you’re seeking may not be clear-cut, but they’re undoubtedly within you.

Love Questions

You might find yourself plagued by uncertainty in love matters when the High Priestess shows up reversed. It’s possible that you’re ignoring your inner voice or failing to acknowledge vital signs about your relationship. Perhaps you’ve been avoiding hard questions out of fear of what the answers might reveal. However, confronting these issues head-on could bring clarity and peace in the long run.

Career Questions

While traditionally associated with love and relationships, the High Priestess reversed can also provide insight into career-related queries. If there’s tension between colleagues or if something feels off at work, trust your gut instincts – they’re likely right on target.

New Relationship

In a new relationship scenario, this tarot card suggests caution. Your partner may not be revealing their entire self just yet; there could be secrets lurking beneath the surface. Don’t rush things – take your time and get to know them better before making any major decisions.

Existing Relationship

If you pull the reversed High Priestess while thinking about an existing relationship, it could signal a lack of communication or understanding between partners. This situation calls for open dialogues and deeper emotional connections to bridge that gap.

Reconciliation with an Ex

Considering reconciling with an ex? The appearance of this card implies complexities ahead; unresolved issues from the past might resurface causing turbulence in your attempt at reconciliation.

Remember: whether upright or reversed, tarot cards like the High Priestiss serve as guides through life’s many twists and turns – not definitive predictions of future outcomes!


Let’s wrap things up. Your understanding of the High Priestess as feelings in love and relationships should now be clearer. Both in its upright and reversed positions, this card carries deep meanings that you can apply to your personal life.

The High Priestess in an upright position signifies trust, intuition, and mystery. It’s a call for you to listen to your inner voice when it comes to love. It may not always provide clear answers, but it’ll guide you towards what’s right for you.

On the flip side, the reversed High Priestess indicates confusion or hidden truths. If this appears in your reading, take it as a sign that something isn’t quite right. You might need to dig deeper into your relationship or feelings before making any decisions.

Here are some key takeaways from our discussion:

  • The High Priestess encourages self-trust and intuition.
  • In its reversed form, this card speaks of secrets and confusion.
  • Interpreting the High Priestess requires a careful examination of your own emotions.

It’s important to remember tarot cards like the High Priestess aren’t definitive answers. Rather they’re tools designed to guide introspection and self-discovery. They can help point out potential issues or areas where growth is possible within relationships.

So next time you draw the High Priestess during a tarot reading about love or relationships – don’t fret! Instead, try diving into its meaning with an open mind and heart ready for whatever insights it may offer you on your romantic journey.