The High Priestess as Career (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Looking for a new way to navigate your career path? You’ve probably heard of using tarot cards for personal insight, but have you ever considered their advice for your professional journey? Specifically, the High Priestess card can offer valuable guidance. When upright, it encourages trust in your intuition and wisdom. It’s a reminder that you’re often more knowledgeable than you might initially believe.

But what if the High Priestess appears reversed in your reading? Don’t fret – this isn’t necessarily terrible news! Instead, it serves as a wake-up call alerting you to potential self-doubt or hidden agendas at play. Whether she stands tall or is flipped on her head, the High Priestess is here to provide clarity on your career trajectory.

So lean in and listen closely – these ancient symbols have been guiding seekers for centuries. Trust the process and let’s discover what messages the High Priestess holds for your career path.

The Symbolism of High Priestess

Diving into the symbolism of the High Priestess, it’s like embarking on a journey to discover your inner wisdom. This card, rich in imagery and symbolism, speaks volumes about intuition, mystery, and inner knowledge.

The High Priestess sits between two pillars, one black and one white. This signifies balance – a key aspect of her character. She symbolizes the ability to navigate between the realms of consciousness and unconsciousness effortlessly. It’s here she bridges the gap between reality and dreams.

Her crown represents connection with divine wisdom while her pomegranate-adorned robe symbolizes fertility – an attribute linked to creativity and imagination. The scroll in her hands titled “Tora” is indicative of hidden knowledge or esoteric principles that are yet to be revealed fully.

Reversed or upright – she holds profound meanings for career advice seekers! In an upright position, she encourages you to trust your gut instincts when making decisions at work. Ignoring office politics or distractions could pay off if you’re focused on your tasks with sincerity.

On the other hand, a reversed High Priestess calls for introspection. Are you ignoring your intuition? Do workplace gossip or conflicts bother you more than they should? If so, it might be time to distance yourself from negative influences at work. Consider this as an opportunity for self-improvement rather than taking it as criticism.

In essence, whether upright or reversed, the High Priestess tarot card symbolizes tuning into your innate wisdom for career growth or overcoming challenges at work.

Upright High Priestess as Career Advice

When the upright High Priestess tarot card pops up in a career reading, it’s an encouraging sign to trust your intuition. It suggests that you possess knowledge and wisdom that can guide your career decisions. Now let’s delve into specifics.

New Job

Are you considering a new job? The High Priestess urges patience. This isn’t the time for hasty decisions or impulsive actions. Instead, reflect on what truly drives your passion and aligns with your core values. Your internal compass will steer you right.

Financial Advice

If financial matters have been clouding your mind, turn to the wisdom of the High Priestess. She advises against significant investments or large purchases at this moment. It might be better to save and plan for future opportunities instead.

Current Job

Feeling stagnant in your current role? The High Priestess signifies that it’s time for introspection rather than action – dig deeper into what may be causing dissatisfaction at work before making any drastic changes.

Starting a Business

Thinking of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey? The High Priestess encourages you to tap into your intuition and innate wisdom when shaping business ideas. Remember, success often thrives where passion lives!

Switch Industries

For those contemplating switching industries, heed the advice of the High Priestess – pause and listen to your inner voice first. Reflect on whether this change aligns with who you are at heart before taking decisive steps forward.

Through all these aspects of career advice, the recurring theme is clear: Trust in yourself and follow your instincts! The Upright High Priestess advocates strongly for personal reflection and intuitive decision-making within every professional realm.

High Priestess Reversed as Career Advice

When the High Priestess tarot card appears reversed in a career-focused spread, it’s time to sit up and take notice. This shift from her upright position can signal that you’re procrastinating on making important decisions, or perhaps you’re not listening to your intuition as closely as you should. Let’s delve into what this could mean for different aspects of your professional life.

New Job

You’ve been eyeing a new job opportunity, but the reversed High Priestess is cautioning you. It’s possible that you’re not seeing the full picture or there might be hidden agendas at play here. Before making any hasty decisions:

  • Dig deeper into the company and its culture
  • Seek advice from others who might have first-hand experience
  • Trust your instincts if something feels off

Financial Advice

In terms of finances, the reversed High Priestess urges caution. Are you getting too caught up in get-rich-quick schemes? Or maybe overlooking some fine-print details? Keep these pointers in mind:

  • Be wary of investments that promise high returns with little risk
  • Pay attention to details when signing financial contracts
  • Consult with trusted financial advisors before making large investments

Current Job

If the reversed High Priestess shows up regarding your current job, it could mean there’s information being kept from you or workplace dynamics aren’t as harmonious as they seem. To avoid pitfalls:

  • Maintain open communication lines with colleagues and superiors
  • Follow through on any suspicions about dishonesty
  • Strive for transparency in all dealings

Starting a Business

Dreaming of starting your own business? The reversed High Priestess suggests now may not be the best time. Consider these factors before forging ahead:

  • Assess market conditions and competitor landscape thoroughly
  • Ensure adequate resources (time, money, energy) are available
  • Listen to gut feelings – they’re often right!

Switch Industries

Lastly, if contemplating a switch in industries, tread carefully. The reversed High Priestess warns against jumping into unfamiliar territory without proper research or preparation.


  • Understand industry trends and challenges upfront
  • Leverage transferable skills but also identify areas for learning and growth
  • Again trust your intuition – if something doesn’t feel right about this move, it probably isn’t!

The reversed High Priestess isn’t necessarily negative – she’s merely encouraging thoughtfulness over impulsivity.


Wrap up your journey with the High Priestess Tarot card, and let’s review what you’ve learned. This powerful symbol in the Tarot deck serves as a guidepost for career advice, both when upright or reversed. It’s no small thing to consider her influence on your professional life.

Delving into the upright High Priestess’s guidance first, she encourages connection with your inner wisdom. She whispers that you should trust your intuition more than ever in making career decisions. You’re reminded that sometimes, it’s not all about action; reflection can be just as valuable.

Switching gears to her reversed position, warnings are echoed of not listening to your intuition or ignoring signs and symbols around you at work. It can result in feeling disconnected or unfulfilled in your job. The reverse High Priestess reminds you of the importance of self-trust and self-awareness.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • The Upright High Priestess advises introspection and trust in one’s intuition.
  • The Reversed High Priestess warns against neglecting personal instincts and signals at work.

Remember these insights from the High Priestess as they’ll serve as invaluable compass points for navigating your career path—whether it involves making a significant shift or simply seeking growth within current circumstances.

In essence, this tarot card is less about specific jobs and more about overall attitudes towards work, decision-making processes, and having faith in one’s own abilities. So whether you’re starting out fresh or looking for new perspectives on an old situation, keep the lessons of the High Priestess close by.