The Hermit as Love (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Have you ever wondered what the Hermit card might signify in a love outcome reading? This is a question that often pops up when people are exploring their relationships through tarot cards. The Hermit, standing alone with his lantern, can be an intriguing figure indeed. He brings messages of introspection, solitude, and wisdom. But how does this translate into matters of the heart?

If you’re delving deep into your relationship’s future or trying to understand why past relationships didn’t work out, it’s crucial to grasp the meaning behind each tarot card – including The Hermit. When upright or reversed, this card can bring different meanings which could significantly influence your understanding of your love life.

Unraveling these layers of significance isn’t always straightforward but don’t worry; we’re here to guide you on this journey. Whether The Hermit shows up in an upright or reversed position in your tarot spread, we’ll help decode its message for your love outcome.

The Symbolism of Hermit

When it comes to Tarot, the Hermit card carries a wealth of symbolism. Its imagery paints a vivid picture that’s ripe for interpretation, offering insights into your love life you may not have considered yet.

At first glance, you’ll notice an old man standing alone on a mountain peak. This figure represents solitude and introspection, two key themes associated with the Hermit card. He’s holding a lamp in one hand and a staff in the other – tools that guide him on his path of self-discovery.

  • A lamp, which contains a six-pointed star or the Seal of Solomon, symbolizes wisdom and knowledge gained over time. It’s like the light of truth illuminating the darkness around us.
  • The staff is more than just support; it signifies authority and power. It shows he has control over his destiny, underlining the importance of personal autonomy.

The landscape around him is barren and rocky, mirroring how tough it can be to embark on this solitary journey towards self-awareness. However daunting this might seem, remember that such trials often lead to invaluable insights about oneself.

In its reversed position, the symbolism behind the Hermit becomes even more profound. Now his solitude transforms from voluntary reflection into enforced isolation – signaling feelings of loneliness or exclusion in your romantic relationships.

And let’s not forget about his robe – enveloping him fully in its folds. In upright position it stands as protection while exploring unknown territories but when reversed it turns into shackles binding him from connecting with others.

All these different symbols intertwine to deliver nuanced readings depending on where they fall within your love spread – whether upright or reversed! The Hermit tarot card clearly illustrates that understanding yourself plays an instrumental role in shaping your relationships’ future trajectories.

Upright Hermit as Love Outcome

Outcome of a Relationship

When the Hermit appears upright in your love outcome, it’s signaling a time of introspection and self-reflection. It might seem odd to think about solitude in terms of relationships, but sometimes, it’s necessary for growth. Remember that understanding yourself is crucial in shaping how you relate with others. For instance, you may need to re-evaluate your past relationships’ patterns and see what lessons they hold for your future.

Potential Relationship

If you’re single and the upright Hermit shows up as your love outcome, don’t fret! This doesn’t mean you’ll be alone forever. Instead, this card suggests that now isn’t the best time to jump into a new relationship. Use this moment for introspection; figure out what you want from future partnerships. Once you’ve gained clarity on these issues, you’ll be better prepared when love comes knocking.

New Relationship

In a new relationship context, the upright Hermit urges caution and patience. Rushing things could lead down an undesirable path while taking time to truly understand each other will create a solid foundation. Here’s some advice: go slow and steady—like the tortoise winning the race!

Existing Relationship

In existing relationships, an upright Hermit can signify one partner needing space to reflect or meditate on their feelings independently—a breather if you will. Don’t misinterpret this as rejection or separation; instead view it as an opportunity for both parties to grow individually which ultimately strengthens the bond between them.

Separation Situation

However, if dealing with a breakup or separation situation, an upright Hermit underscores healing’s importance through solitude and self-reflection—paving the way towards acceptance and eventually moving forward stronger than before.

All in all—whether it’s figuring out what went wrong in previous romances or gaining insight into current affections—the upright Hermit encourages meaningful self-discovery essential for any relationship stage.

Hermit Reversed as Love Outcome

Looking at the outcome of a relationship with the reversed Hermit card, you may find yourself struggling to connect. The card suggests that isolation or withdrawal could be hampering your bond. It’s not uncommon for one partner to retreat, seeking solitude rather than sharing their feelings openly. This behavior often stems from fear or insecurity and can potentially harm the relationship if it isn’t addressed.

Potential Relationship

When contemplating a potential relationship, pulling the reversed Hermit card might signify that you’re rushing into things. It’s crucial to take your time before making any commitments; impatience can lead to unnecessary heartbreak. A hasty decision could prevent you from seeing important red flags about your prospective partner.

New Relationship

A new relationship marked by the reversed Hermit indicates a need for personal growth before true intimacy can develop. You could be carrying past hurts or unresolved issues into this fresh connection, thus hindering its progress. Similarly, your new partner may also need space and time to grow individually.

Existing Relationship

In an existing relationship, the reversed Hermit signals a period of disconnection or feeling lost. You might struggle with expressing your needs effectively or feel misunderstood by your partner. In worst cases, this cold detachment might evolve into emotional neglect if both parties don’t actively work on communication and understanding.

Separation Situation

In a separation situation, drawing the reverse Hermit implies loneliness and isolation following a breakup. But remember: this solitude isn’t necessarily negative! It grants you ample opportunity for self-reflection and healing after enduring heartache.


When you pull the Hermit as your love outcome, it’s not always a signal of loneliness or solitude. Instead, it’s an invitation to look inward and find clarity within yourself about what you truly want in a relationship. You’re encouraged to take some time for introspection, which can lead to personal growth and deeper understanding of your needs.

In its upright position, the Hermit tarot card suggests that you may need some alone time or space from your partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean a breakup but rather taking time apart to reflect on your feelings and desires. It’s all about self-discovery and gaining wisdom about what makes you happy in love.

If the Hermit appears reversed in your reading as a love outcome, then it implies being overly isolated or withdrawn. Be cautious not to push away those who care about you during this introspective phase. Remember that while self-reflection is vital, so is maintaining healthy connections with others around you.

Here are key points to remember:

  • The Hermit card urges introspection
  • In upright: signals need for personal space in relationships
  • In reversed: warns against excessive isolation

So next time when the Hermit surfaces as your love outcome card – don’t fret! Embrace this period of solitary reflection knowing that it will ultimately guide you towards more fulfilling romantic relationships.