The Hermit as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Hermit card, an intriguing component of the tarot deck, carries profound implications for your love life. Traditionally associated with introspection and wisdom, this card can bring up a myriad of emotions when it shows up in your love readings. If you’ve ever wondered what the presence of the Hermit could mean for your relationships, you’re about to discover some powerful insights.

When the Hermit appears upright in a reading, it signifies a period of self-reflection and inner discovery. You may find yourself questioning whether your current romantic relationship is fulfilling or if there’s something more out there for you. It’s a time to look inward and really understand what makes you feel contented and loved.

However, when seen in its reversed position during a reading, the Hermit takes on entirely different connotations. This could indicate feelings of isolation or loneliness within your relationship. It might suggest that you’re feeling disconnected from your partner or perhaps even from yourself. This isn’t always bad news though—it might just be a signal that it’s time to make some changes.

The Symbolism of Hermit

The Hermit, a profound figure in Tarot readings, often sparks intrigue. Your curiosity isn’t misplaced – there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to this card’s symbolism. Drenched in solitude and introspection, the Hermit stands for self-reflection, inner wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment.

In love and relationships context, the Hermit signifies a period of soul-searching. You’re being nudged to take some time off from external distractions and focus on your inner world. It’s about understanding what you truly desire out of your relationship or prospective partner.

At first glance, you’d notice that the image portrayed by the Hermit is one of isolation. He’s typically shown as an old man standing alone at the peak of a mountain holding a lantern – symbolizing light within darkness or knowledge within ignorance. This solitude isn’t negative; instead it represents taking time out to seek clarity and truth.

On his journey upwards towards enlightenment, he carries with him only what is necessary – his staff representing power & authority and his cloak symbolizing invisibility from societal norms & expectations.

When this card shows up reversed in readings related to love & relationships, its’ meaning takes on a different hue. It points towards isolation due to fear or anxiety rather than choice – perhaps indicating that you may be closing yourself off unnecessarily from potential partners or opportunities.

Here are some key aspects associated with The Hermit:

  • The Lantern: Representing wisdom lighting our path.
  • The Staff: Symbolizes power & authority.
  • The Cloak: Indicates invisibility from societal norms.

So remember, the next time you draw the Hermit in your reading don’t jump into conclusions about loneliness or abandonment. Instead see it as an opportunity for soulful introspection leading towards growth in your personal life including love & relationships!

Upright Hermit as feelings

How someone feels about you

When the upright Hermit card appears in your love reading, it’s often a sign that someone is taking a step back to reflect on their feelings for you. They might seem distant, but don’t let this worry you. It’s not about rejection; they’re simply seeking clarity and understanding. This introspective phase is essential in confirming what they truly feel towards you.


For singles, if the Hermit card shows up in your spread, it suggests you’re enjoying your solitude or maybe needing some alone time. You’re encouraged to use this period of solitude for self-reflection and personal growth. Instead of longing for a relationship, cherishing your independence can lead to significant self-discovery and prepare you better for future relationships.

Existing Relationship

In existing relationships, the appearance of the upright Hermit could indicate a need for space or quiet time apart from each other. Don’t perceive this as an indicator of trouble brewing within the relationship; instead, see it as an opportunity for both parties to reflect on their shared experiences and individual needs. Time spent apart can often strengthen bonds by reaffirming why you value your partner.

Ex’s Feeling

If we talk about ex-lovers’ feelings when seeing the upright Hermit card, it may suggest that they are taking some time out for introspection – assessing past mistakes and learning lessons from them. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want rekindle old flames; rather it’s more about gaining wisdom from past experiences.

Remember: these interpretations aren’t set in stone! Tarot readings are subjective and depend heavily on context – different circumstances will yield different meanings.

Hermit Reversed as Love Outcome

When your love life’s on the line, you’re probably wondering what the Hermit reversed signifies. Let’s delve deeper into this tarot card and its implications for your romantic relationships.

Love Questions

If you’ve been plagued by doubts and questions about your love life, seeing the Hermit reversed might seem disconcerting. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. This position suggests that you may be isolating yourself too much in search of answers. It encourages you to reconnect with others, share your feelings, and seek guidance from those around you instead of solely relying on self-reflection.

Career Questions

You might question how career relates to love outcomes but it often plays a significant role in our relationships. If the Hermit reversed appears when asking about how your job impacts your relationship, it hints at an imbalance between work and personal life that could be straining your bond with a partner or potential mate. It urges introspection: Are you allowing work to overshadow essential aspects of your life such as romance?

New Relationship

The sight of a reversed Hermit when starting a fresh relationship can imply hesitation or fear of letting someone new into your world due to past hurts or insecurities. But remember this card is also about breaking away from too much solitude–it nudges towards opening up to new experiences even if they’re outside of comfort zones.

Existing Relationship

For those in existing partnerships, the Hermit reversed indicates potential problems stemming from excessive independence or emotional distance within the relationship. It’s time to break down barriers and foster open communication with each other; after all, sharing vulnerabilities strengthens bonds.

Reconciliation with an Ex

Finally, if reconciliation with an ex-lover is on table and the reversed Hermit shows up in readings—it may suggest that one or both parties need some soul-searching before rekindling their old flame. Is there genuine change? Or are old habits likely resurface? These are critical questions worth pondering over before taking such a step.

So remember—while this tarot card may initially appear daunting—the insights provided by the reversed Hermit can serve as valuable guides navigating through various facets of love & relationships.


The Hermit card, in the context of love and relationships, serves as a symbol for introspection and contemplation. It’s an invitation to take some time out from your relationship or your quest for one, to better understand your feelings.

Remember when you’re feeling like a hermit in love, it’s not necessarily negative. You might be doing some soul-searching, seeking answers within yourself about what you truly want from a partner. It could be a period of growth where you learn more about your needs and desires.

However, being the Hermit in reverse can signal unhealthy isolation or withdrawal from love and relationships. You could be shutting others out due to fear or past hurts. This reversed position urges you to balance solitude with social interaction.

You’ve learnt that the Hermit card isn’t just about loneliness but also self-discovery—both upright and reversed have unique interpretations in love & relationships:

  • Upright: Introspective period leading to better self-understanding.
  • Reversed: Risk of excessive seclusion leading to emotional distress.

This journey with the Hermit card reminds us that taking time for ourselves is crucial in maintaining healthy relationships. Yet it’s equally essential not to let our fears lead us into unnecessary isolation.

In essence, whether upright or reversed,the Hermit offers valuable lessons on navigating our emotional world with wisdom and understanding. So next time this card appears during your tarot reading session, remember it’s calling for inner reflection—an opportunity for personal growth in love & relationships.