The Hermit as Career Advice(Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Diving into the world of tarot, you’ll often find wisdom in unexpected places. The Hermit tarot card is one such intriguing aspect that has a profound influence on your career path. Often seen as a symbol of introspection and guidance, it’s an element that can shed light on the trajectory of your professional journey when interpreted correctly.

When drawn upright during a reading, the Hermit signals a time for contemplation and self-discovery. It’s an indication that you may need to step back from your busy work life and reflect on what truly matters to you. This could mean reevaluating your current job position or even considering a career change entirely.

However, if the Hermit appears reversed in your reading, it carries different implications altogether. Generally speaking, this reversal suggests feelings of isolation or stagnation in your career. You might be feeling stuck in your current role or disconnected from others at work. But don’t worry — understanding these signs helps pave the way for proactive changes.

The Symbolism of Hermit

If you’re exploring the world of Tarot, the Hermit card is a symbol you’ll come across that’s rich in meaning. At first glance, you might see an old man standing alone on a mountain peak. He holds a lantern, shedding light not only on his path but also illuminating hidden truths. Don’t be misled by this image; it’s more than just a simple illustration.

The solitary figure itself represents introspection and contemplation. It’s about taking time out from the daily grind to seek higher wisdom. This person isn’t necessarily lonely; they’ve chosen solitude over mindless societal chatter. They crave silence to hear their own thoughts clearly and to gain deeper insights into themselves and life.

Now let’s talk about the lantern he carries. It signifies inner illumination, guiding light that comes from within us when we take time for soul-searching or self-reflection. In Tarot readings, if this card appears in your spread, it may suggest that it’s time for you to look inward and listen to your intuition.

Notice how he stands on top of a mountain? That’s no accident either! Mountains often symbolize achievement and growth in Tarot imagery. For the Hermit, this suggests spiritual attainment—reaching new heights through self-discovery and personal development.

Lastly, consider his cloak – an emblem of discretion and privacy as well as protection from external distractions which could hinder his reflective journey.

So there you have it: each element in this image—the hermit himself, his lantern, the mountain peak, even his cloak—works together to paint a picture of introspection leading towards enlightenment.

Upright Hermit as career advice

When you pull the Upright Hermit card in a career reading, it’s signaling an inward journey. This isn’t about job-hopping or chasing promotions—it’s about deeper self-discovery and understanding your true professional path.

New Job

You’re on the brink of transitioning into a new role? The Hermit card is telling you to slow down. It’s vital to take time for reflection before jumping into something new. Consider what you truly want out of your next position—is it just about the paycheck, or are you seeking personal fulfillment and growth?

Financial Advice

In terms of financial advice, this card implies careful consideration and circumspect decision-making. Instead of hasty investments or impulsive purchases, it encourages frugality and thoughtful budgeting. If you’ve been thinking about making any major financial decisions such as buying a house or investing in stocks, now might be the time for thorough research rather than immediate action.

Current Job

Feeling stuck in your current job? The Upright Hermit shines its lantern on personal introspection that could lead to valuable insights. Maybe there’re hidden opportunities in your current situation that can align with your long-term goals if given enough thought and patience.

Starting a Business

For those contemplating starting their own business, the Hermit suggests deep contemplation before taking action. It emphasizes the importance of creating a comprehensive business plan—mapping out every detail from target market analysis to cash flow projections—prior to launching.

Switch Industries

Contemplating switching industries? Again, slow down! Reflect deeply on how this move aligns with your life goals – both professional and personal. Are there transferable skills from your old industry that will aid success in a new one? Get clear on these factors before making any hasty decisions.

Remember: when seeking career advice from tarot cards like the upright hermit it all comes back to introspection – knowing yourself better for making well-thought-out choices so they serve not only immediate needs but also long-term aspirations.

Hermit Reversed as career advice

New Job

Sometimes you’ll find yourself at a crossroads, unsure of which path to take. The reversed Hermit card is a sign that it might be time for a new job. It could mean you’re feeling isolated or stagnant in your current role. You’ve got the potential to shine, so don’t let fear hold you back. Embrace change and explore new opportunities.

Financial Advice

If you’re struggling with finances, the reversed Hermit suggests reassessing your spending habits. Are there areas where you’re overspending? Or perhaps investments are not giving the expected returns? This card encourages prudence and wise decision-making when it comes to money matters.

Current Job

Feeling frustrated at work? Maybe it’s because there’s no room for growth or maybe it’s simply that things have become monotonous. The reversed Hermit urges introspection – consider what aspects of your job make you unhappy and think about how they can be improved.

Starting a Business

Thinking about starting a business but afraid of the risks involved? Remember, every successful entrepreneur was once in your shoes! A reversed Hermit often indicates the need to step out of comfort zones. Don’t shy away from taking calculated risks – they could lead to unprecedented success.

Switch Industries

Ever thought about switching industries but fear losing stability? The reversed Hermit asks you to listen to that inner voice nudging towards change. Explore diverse fields and industries; your talents may flourish in unexpected places!


Wrapping it all up, the Hermit tarot card has a lot to offer when it comes to career advice. By heeding its message, you’re likely to find clarity and direction in your professional life.

When upright, the Hermit encourages you to take some time for introspection. It’s a sign that you could benefit from stepping back from your career for a bit, reflecting on your path so far and planning out your next steps. You might be surprised at what insights emerge when you give yourself this space.

On the flip side, if the Hermit appears reversed in your reading, it’s signaling that isolation or withdrawal might not be serving you well in this moment. Perhaps you’ve been avoiding networking events or team projects at work? The reversed Hermit advises against becoming too insular. Remember that collaboration and connection can often lead to exciting opportunities.

A few key takeaways about the Hermit card:

  • Upright position suggests introspection
  • Reversed position warns against excessive isolation
  • Both positions emphasize balance between solitude and interaction

So whether upright or reversed, let the wisdom of the Hermit guide your career decisions. Who knows? This humble figure might just point you towards an unexpected pathway or illuminate an overlooked opportunity in your professional journey. With keen observation and thoughtful consideration, even hermits can help shape successful careers!