The Hanged Man as Message (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Upright The Hanged Man as Message Outcome

When The Hanged Man appears upright in a tarot reading as a message outcome, it signifies a period of voluntary suspension, suggesting that now is the time for introspection and viewing situations from a new perspective. This card embodies the concept of sacrifice and waiting, indicating that certain actions or decisions may need to be postponed to achieve greater success in the future.

In the context of relationships, this pause can be crucial for gaining insights and understanding the dynamics at play, allowing for a more informed approach when the time for action arrives. The serene expression of the figure on the card implies that this period of suspension is not to be regarded as wasted time, but rather as an essential phase of growth and enlightenment that can lead to a more profound connection with oneself and others.

Upright The Hanged Man in Potential Relationship

When The Hanged Man appears upright in a tarot reading concerning potential relationships, it serves as a message to pause and reflect before progressing. This card suggests that entering a new relationship at this time might require more contemplation or understanding of one’s own needs and expectations. It emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and ensuring that any new connection aligns with one’s deeper values and life goals. The Hanged Man upright encourages individuals to consider what sacrifices might be necessary for a new relationship and whether they are prepared to make them. It’s a call to look inward and ensure emotional readiness, rather than rushing into something new without adequate preparation.

Upright The Hanged Man in New Relationships

In the context of new relationships, The Hanged Man upright advises taking things slowly to build a strong foundation. This card indicates that while the excitement of a new connection is enriching, there is great value in taking time to truly understand each other’s backgrounds, dreams, and fears. It suggests that patience will be a virtue that helps nurture the relationship more deeply. The Hanged Man here is a reminder that all strong relationships require adjustments and sometimes, sacrifices, so it is wise to consider what each partner can realistically give and receive. The card’s presence is a call to embrace a period of learning and adaptation, ensuring that both partners feel heard and valued as the relationship develops.

Upright The Hanged Man in Existing Relationships

For those in established relationships, The Hanged Man upright often signals a need to reassess and possibly recalibrate the relationship’s direction. It may indicate that one or both partners are feeling uncertain or that the relationship has reached a plateau. This card encourages partners to take a step back and view their relationship from a new perspective, identifying areas where growth is needed or where old patterns no longer serve their joint aspirations. It’s a powerful reminder to communicate openly about each other’s needs and desires, to ensure that the relationship continues to evolve in a healthy and mutually satisfying way.

Upright The Hanged Man in Separation

In situations of separation or considering a breakup, The Hanged Man upright serves as a message to pause and reflect deeply on the reasons behind the turmoil. It suggests that immediate decisions might not be the best course of action and that both parties could benefit from a period of reflection to understand the deeper dynamics at play. This card advises considering all perspectives and possibly seeking external guidance or counseling to explore whether reconciliation is possible or if parting ways is the most beneficial resolution. It emphasizes the importance of clarity and understanding in the process of separation, advocating for a thoughtful and compassionate approach to resolving relationship challenges.

The Hanged Man Reversed as Message Outcome

The Hanged Man reversed as a message outcome suggests a resistance to the necessary pause or reflection that the upright position advocates. It may indicate a feeling of being stuck or restricted by circumstances or by one’s own reluctance to let go of control and surrender to the current situation. This card reversed can also be a sign that after a period of stalling or indecision, the time has come to take action and move forward with a new mindset. 

In terms of relationships, The Hanged Man reversed may point to a reluctance to wait for the natural evolution of a complex situation, signaling an internal or external pressure to make a decision or take action prematurely. It serves as a reminder that while waiting indefinitely is not ideal, neither is rushing into decisions without proper contemplation and readiness.

The Hanged Man Reversed in New Beginnings

When The Hanged Man appears reversed in the context of new beginnings in love, it often warns of a premature rush into relationships without adequate grounding. This card reversed suggests that there might be an avoidance of necessary introspection or a reluctance to learn from past relationship mistakes. It serves as a caution against repeating old patterns that have not served well in the past, urging an honest assessment of personal readiness for a new relationship. The Hanged Man reversed in this position calls for confronting fears and hesitations head-on, ensuring that new romantic ventures are approached with a clear mind and an open heart.

The Hanged Man Reversed in Potential Relationships

In potential relationships, The Hanged Man reversed can indicate a blockage or a significant challenge that prevents the relationship from developing healthily. This might manifest as one or both individuals clinging to unrealistic expectations or not being fully honest about their intentions or feelings. The card reversed warns against the dangers of illusion and self-deception in the early stages of a relationship, suggesting that transparency and honesty will be crucial for any potential relationship to flourish. It encourages individuals to address these issues directly before they become more significant obstacles to intimacy and connection.

The Hanged Man Reversed in New Relationships

For those in the early stages of a relationship, The Hanged Man reversed can signify foundational issues that need immediate attention. This might include miscommunications, misunderstandings, or an imbalance in emotional investment between partners. The card reversed is a call to action, urging couples to address these early red flags with open dialogue and mutual respect. It emphasizes the importance of building a relationship on truth and mutual understanding, rather than letting unresolved issues fester and potentially derail the new connection.

The Hanged Man Reversed in Existing Relationships

In established relationships, The Hanged Man reversed often highlights a critical need for change. This card can indicate that the relationship is suffering from stagnation or that one or both partners are feeling trapped in unsatisfactory conditions. It suggests that ignoring these issues can lead to greater dissatisfaction and might eventually push the relationship to a breaking point. The Hanged Man reversed in this context is a stark reminder that action is necessary—whether it means initiating difficult conversations, seeking therapy, or reconsidering the relationship’s viability. It calls for courage and decisiveness in addressing the challenges at hand, encouraging partners to either recommit to their relationship with renewed vigor or to part ways if the relationship no longer serves their highest selves.

The Hanged Man Reversed in Separated Relationships

When it comes to relationships that are already in the process of separation, The Hanged Man reversed can indicate a messy or unresolved breakup. This card suggests that there may be lingering attachments or unresolved issues that prevent both parties from moving on healthily. It can also point to a refusal to accept the reality of the separation, perhaps manifesting as denial or avoidance of dealing with the emotional fallout. The Hanged Man reversed in this position advises taking definitive steps towards closure, whether through personal reflection, therapy, or clear communication about the end of the relationship. It underscores the importance of facing the truth of the situation, allowing both individuals to heal and eventually find peace with the outcome.


The Hanged Man tarot card, whether appearing in its upright or reversed position, carries profound messages about the nature of pause and action within the context of personal and relational growth. In its upright form, The Hanged Man encourages a deliberate pause, advocating for reflection, patience, and gaining new perspectives. This pause is not about inaction but rather about preparing oneself for more informed and meaningful decisions. Conversely, when reversed, The Hanged Man warns against stagnation and the pitfalls of delaying necessary actions or decisions. It highlights the importance of moving forward after sufficient reflection, urging an end to procrastination and the embrace of proactive steps towards resolution and growth.