The Hanged Man as Career Advice (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

In the realm of tarot, each card holds a unique significance and offers distinct guidance. Today, we delve into the intricate symbolism and profound implications of “The Hanged Man” card, specifically in the context of career advice.

The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning

The Hanged Man tarot card generally symbolizes a need for change in perspective, surrender, and release. It’s about letting go of control and accepting that certain things are beyond our influence.

In a professional context, The Hanged Man can represent a phase of uncertainty, stagnation, or feeling stuck. However, it encourages us to view these challenges as opportunities for growth. By changing our perspective and embracing patience, we can navigate through these periods with grace and wisdom.

The Hanged Man as Career Advice Outcome

The Hanged Man is a card that often invokes fear or confusion due to its graphic depiction. However, when it appears in a reading related to career advice, it’s not necessarily a bad omen. Instead, it’s a call for introspection, patience, and a different perspective.

The Hanged Man card indicates a period of suspension. It suggests that one may need to pause and reassess their current career path. Are you genuinely happy with your job? Does it align with your long-term goals? Sometimes, we get so caught up in the daily grind that we fail to see the bigger picture. This card advises you to take a step back and evaluate your professional life from a broader perspective.

Upright Hanged Man in Career

When drawn upright, The Hanged Man indicates that you may be stuck in a rut professionally. You could be feeling like you’re hanging in mid-air, unsure of how to proceed. However, this is not a time for panic, but rather a time for reflection.

The upright Hanged Man encourages you to adopt a new viewpoint. It might be time to change your approach or consider new ideas to break free from the stagnation. It may also suggest that you need to develop patience, as not all career advancements can happen overnight.

Upright The Hanged Man in Potential Relationship

When The Hanged Man appears upright in a potential relationship reading, it often symbolizes a need for patience and reflection. You may be eager to dive into this new relationship, but this card advises you to take your time. Just like the figure hanging upside down on the card, you’re encouraged to look at things from a different perspective before making any decisions. It’s essential to ensure that you’re not rushing into a relationship without fully understanding its implications.

Furthermore, The Hanged Man can indicate a situation where you or your potential partner are feeling stuck or suspended in uncertainty. Perhaps one of you isn’t ready to commit, or there are external factors preventing the relationship from progressing. It’s a call to surrender control and let things unfold naturally. Remember, good things come to those who wait, and sometimes, stepping back can provide the clarity needed to move forward.

Upright The Hanged Man in New Relationships

When The Hanged Man appears upright in a tarot reading for new relationships, it suggests a need for contemplation and patience. This card encourages you to take your time to understand the dynamics of the new relationship. It’s a period of getting to know each other, understanding each other’s needs and expectations. You may need to let go of preconceived notions and adopt a fresh perspective.

Moreover, The Hanged Man could signify that you or your partner are not ready to fully commit yet. There might be a sense of suspension, as if the relationship is hanging in the balance. This isn’t necessarily negative; it’s an opportunity to reflect on what you truly want from this relationship and whether it aligns with your personal growth and happiness.

Upright The Hanged Man in Existing Relationships

In the context of existing relationships, The Hanged Man upright can indicate a phase of stagnation or lack of progress. If you’ve been feeling like your relationship is stuck in a rut, this card advises taking a step back and reassessing your situation. Maybe the routine has become too comfortable, or perhaps there are unresolved issues preventing growth.

The card also serves as a reminder to look at things from your partner’s perspective. Understanding their viewpoint can lead to better communication and resolve conflicts. Patience and mutual understanding are key during this period. Remember, every relationship has its ebbs and flows, and this could just be a phase that will pass with time and effort.

Upright The Hanged Man in Separation

Seeing The Hanged Man in an upright position during a separation can be a sign of needed introspection and acceptance. Separation is a difficult experience, filled with a myriad of emotions. This card advises you to take this time to reflect on the relationship, learn from it, and gradually let go.

The Hanged Man also symbolizes surrender and release. It’s a reminder that not all relationships are meant to last forever, and it’s okay to let go if it no longer contributes to your growth and happiness. Use this period of separation as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal development. In time, you’ll gain a new perspective and find the strength to move forward.

The Hanged Man Reversed as Career Advice Outcome

A reversed Hanged Man in a career reading often signifies an end to the period of uncertainty. If you’ve been feeling stuck or stagnant in your career, this card suggests that the wait is over and it’s time to act.

The reversed Hanged Man can also indicate that you’ve gained a new perspective on your career. You may have realized that your current job isn’t fulfilling, or perhaps you’ve discovered a new passion. Whatever the case, this card encourages you to follow your newfound insight and make the necessary changes.

The Hanged Man Reversed in New Beginnings

When The Hanged Man appears reversed in a reading related to new beginnings, it often signifies a shift in perspective. You’ve been in a period of introspection and contemplation, and now you’re ready to put your newfound insights into action. This card suggests that it’s time to move forward with confidence and embrace the new opportunities that await you.

Moreover, this card symbolizes releasing old habits, beliefs, or situations that no longer serve you. It’s a call to let go of the past and open up to fresh possibilities. Embrace change and trust that every new beginning is a step towards growth and personal evolution.

The Hanged Man Reversed in Potential Relationships

In a potential relationship context, a reversed Hanged Man often indicates that you’re ready to break free from uncertainty. If you’ve been indecisive about entering a new relationship, this card suggests that you’ve gained clarity and are prepared to make a decision.

The Hanged Man reversed can also signify that you’re no longer willing to wait for someone who isn’t reciprocating your feelings or commitment. It’s an empowering message to take control of your love life and seek relationships that bring you joy and fulfillment.

The Hanged Man Reversed in New Relationships

When The Hanged Man appears reversed in a reading for new relationships, it suggests that you’re moving past a phase of hesitation or uncertainty. You’ve taken the time to reflect, and now you’re ready to fully engage in the relationship.

However, it’s essential to remember that this card also represents letting go. In a new relationship, it might mean releasing any baggage from past relationships that may hinder your current one. It’s a reminder to approach this new relationship with an open heart and mind.

The Hanged Man Reversed in Existing Relationships

A reversed Hanged Man in existing relationships often signals a period of action after a phase of stagnation or uncertainty. If you’ve been experiencing difficulties in your relationship, this card suggests that it’s time to take proactive steps towards resolution.

This card also encourages open communication. It might be time to express any suppressed feelings or concerns and listen to your partner’s viewpoints. Remember, understanding and compromise are key to resolving conflicts and fostering a healthy, loving relationship.

The Hanged Man Reversed in Separated Relationships

In the context of separated relationships, The Hanged Man reversed often indicates a period of healing and moving on. It suggests that you’ve gained a new perspective on the relationship and are ready to let go of any resentment or pain.

Moreover, this card is a reminder that every end is a new beginning. It encourages you to embrace this period of transition with optimism. Use this time to focus on self-love and personal growth. Trust that with time and patience, you’ll find the strength to move forward and open your heart to new possibilities.


“The Hanged Man as Career Advice” is a potent message to pause, reflect, and possibly change our perspective regarding our professional life. Whether it appears upright, indicating a need for patience and a fresh viewpoint, or reversed, signaling an end to stagnation and a push towards action, this card offers valuable guidance for navigating our career paths. Remember, tarot cards are tools for introspection and personal growth. Embrace their wisdom and let them guide you on your journey to professional fulfilment.