The Fool as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Navigating the landscape of love and relationships is often complex, filled with highs and lows that can leave you feeling like a fool. Feeling foolish in love, both upright and reversed, is something most people experience at one point or another. You may find yourself head over heels for someone who doesn’t return your feelings, or stuck in a relationship where you don’t feel valued. It’s not always easy to discern between healthy vulnerability and being taken for a ride.

The concept of the ‘fool’ in love isn’t just about feeling silly or embarrassed—it dives deeper into the realm of self-worth and respect. When you’re caught up in your emotions, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters: your happiness and well-being. But remember, it’s okay to feel vulnerable; it shows you’re human and capable of deep emotions.

Understanding this ‘foolish’ aspect can help empower you to make healthier decisions in your romantic endeavors moving forward. By acknowledging these feelings without judgment, YOU CAN LEARN important lessons about yourself and what you desire from future partnerships. Love might have its foolish moments, but remember—you are worth more than any fleeting sense of embarrassment.

The Symbolism of Fool

Let’s delve into the symbolism of ‘Fool’ in love and relationships. In Tarot, the Fool card is often associated with new beginnings, spontaneity, and a free spirit – all attributes that can play major roles in your romantic life. It’s symbolic of someone who leaps before they look, trusting their heart and intuition to lead them on an exciting, unpredictable journey.

The Fool isn’t about thinking or planning; it’s about feeling and acting. In a relationship context, this could represent throwing caution to the wind and taking risks for love. You’re not concerned with what may go wrong; you’re simply swept up in the thrill of a new romance or an unexpected opportunity.

Consider how this symbol might reverse itself as well. The reversed Fool can indicate recklessness or naivety – diving headfirst into something without considering possible consequences. This could be an impulsive relationship decision that leads to heartbreak or disappointment down the line.

On a deeper level, though:

  • The upright Fool shows us that embracing uncertainty can lead to profound personal growth.
  • The reversed Fool warns against being too impulsive when it comes to matters of the heart.

In essence, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to ‘Fool’ symbolism in love & relationships. Whether upright or reversed, this powerful symbol serves as a reminder that every action we take in our romantic lives carries weight – from the most calculated decisions right down to those spontaneous acts of passion! So next time you see this card pop up in your Tarot reading – remember its rich symbolism!

Upright Fool as feelings

When the Upright Fool appears in a love reading, it’s signaling that you’re starting on a new journey of emotional growth and discovery. It’s an exciting feeling of freedom, spontaneity, and unpredictability.

How someone feels about you

If the Upright Fool comes up regarding how someone feels about you, they likely view you as spontaneous and adventurous. They enjoy your company because of your joyful spirit and willingness to take risks. You’re seen as refreshing, full of potential for thrilling experiences. There’s certainly an element of uncertainty here which makes things more exciting.


For singles, the Upright Fool indicates a time ripe with opportunities for love. If you’ve been single for some time and are ready to dive into the dating pool again, this card suggests that now is the ideal time to do so. Embrace your freedom and use it to explore new options in your romantic life – maybe it’s time to try online dating or accept invitations from friends who want to set you up on blind dates.

Existing relationship

In terms of existing relationships, pulling the Upright Fool might mean that there are unexpected twists coming your way. This isn’t necessarily cause for alarm; instead, these changes could breathe fresh air into a stagnant relationship or help partners grow together in new ways. The key is not to resist change but embrace it head-on – perhaps by trying out new activities together or taking an impromptu trip away.

Ex’s Feeling

The appearance of an upright fool when exploring what your ex feels may signal they have fond memories associated with spontaneity and excitement once shared between both parties during happier times in their past relationship with you. However, remember this card also signifies beginnings so if they are still holding onto these feelings then maybe they aren’t quite ready yet to move forward without some sort of closure first.

Fool Reversed as Love Outcome

Love Questions

When the Fool card is reversed in a love reading, it might suggest that you’re being a bit reckless with your heart. Maybe you’re jumping headfirst into relationships without considering the consequences, or possibly ignoring red flags from potential partners. It’s important to remember that love isn’t something to be rushed – take your time and make sure the person you’re falling for is right for you.

Career Questions

In terms of career, the Fool reversed could mean that you’re not taking enough risks. You might be sticking to your comfort zone instead of exploring new opportunities out of fear of failing. But remember, every successful person has failed at some point – it’s part of the journey. Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your dreams.

New Relationship

Entering a new relationship with the Fool reversed may signify feelings of apprehension or uncertainty. Perhaps past experiences have left scars making it hard for trust and vulnerability to emerge in this newfound connection. However, don’t let past disappointments cloud your judgment in this fresh start.

Existing Relationship

If you draw this card while in an existing relationship, it could indicate stagnation or boredom setting in. The excitement and novelty may have worn off leaving room for doubts or fears to creep up on both sides. This doesn’t necessarily spell doom but calls for injecting new energy and fun into the relationship.

Reconciliation with an Ex

Should this card appear when contemplating getting back together with an ex-partner, tread carefully! The Fool reversed often advises against rushing back into old patterns without careful consideration first. Make sure there’s been genuine growth before deciding if reconciliation is a wise choice.


Let’s wrap things up. Having explored the role of the Fool in love and relationships, both upright and reversed, you’ve gained some valuable insights. This journey through the Tarot’s first Major Arcana card has shed light on its multifaceted nature.

Being a Fool in love isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In its upright position, it represents new beginnings, spontaneity, free spirit, and optimism—all elements that can bring joy and freshness into a relationship. It encourages you to embrace uncertainty and leap fearlessly into your feelings.

The reversed Fool was another story altogether. Here we saw cautionary tales of recklessness or naivety causing potential harm in relationships. It’s about learning from these mistakes and growing as an individual.

Remember though that Tarot is only a guide—it doesn’t dictate your actions or decisions. You hold the power to shape your own love story, whether it follows the path of the upright Fool or learns from the wisdom of its reversed counterpart.

In conclusion: be open to new experiences but also develop discernment; let love inspire you but don’t lose sight of reality; be spontaneous yet responsible—be your version of The Fool in Love.