The Empress as a Person (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Diving into the world of tarot, you’ll often come across the Empress card. This card, rich in symbolism and deep meaning, represents a powerful feminine energy that embodies nurturing, abundance, sensuality, and creativity. It’s the third card in the Major Arcana and is often associated with Mother Earth or a goddess figure.

When drawn upright during a reading, the Empress signifies growth, prosperity, fertility—whether it be literal or symbolic—and comfort. She indicates that now is an opportune time to create or nurture life in its many forms; perhaps by starting a new project or fostering deeper personal relationships.

However, if you encounter this card reversed in your spread, it may imply stagnation or dependency. The Empress reversed signals blockages to your creative endeavors or warns against smothering relationships. Understanding her meaning can provide valuable insights as you navigate your path through life’s challenges and triumphs.

The Symbolism of Empress

Peeling back the layers of the Empress tarot card, you’ll discover a plethora of rich symbolism. At first glance, you’re greeted by the image of a woman seated on a throne adorned with symbols of Venus, goddess of love and beauty. This symbolizes fertility, creativity, and abundance—traits often associated with femininity.

The lush garden that surrounds her is not just for show—it’s brimming with wheat and ripened fruits representing bountiful yields. You see, it’s here to remind you that prosperity comes to those who nurture their dreams and ambitions.

Look closer at her crown studded with twelve stars—a nod to the twelve zodiac signs. It suggests an expansive reach throughout all aspects of life, embracing diversity in experiences. And sitting atop her head? That’s right—it signifies mastery over the subconscious mind.

She holds a scepter in her hand—an emblem of power—but notice how she wields it effortlessly? That tells us about the ease with which she controls and manages her world without resorting to dominance or coercion.

Now onto what might be considered as less obvious—the heart-shaped shield bearing Venus’s astrological symbol at her feet. It hints towards protection but also love reigning supreme in all endeavors.

In summary:

  • The Venus symbols signify fertility, creativity, and abundance.
  • The verdant garden denotes prosperity achieved through nurturing one’s goals.
  • Her starry crown speaks volumes about embracing diverse life experiences.
  • The scepter stands for wielding power gracefully
  • Finally, the heart-shaped shield stresses on love being central to any achievement.

When this card appears upright during your reading—you should know it’s calling out your inner nurturer while reminding you to embrace love and creativity in all forms! But when reversed—it can indicate stagnation or potential blocks hindering your journey toward fulfillment. In both cases though—the symbolism remains grounded in themes of abundance and personal growth!

Upright Empress as a Career Person

Physical Characteristics

When you’re embodying the upright Empress in your career, you radiate an air of authority and grace. Much like the Empress herself, depicted resplendent on her throne amidst bountiful nature in tarot cards. It’s evident in your posture – confident yet approachable, making others feel at ease around you. Your attire often mirrors this energy too; it’s professional but with a touch of warmth and elegance.

Emotional Characteristics

Your emotional makeup is one of your biggest assets as an upright Empress in your profession. You’re nurturing by nature, always looking out for those around you. But don’t mistake this kindness for weakness! Beneath that compassionate exterior lies a heart full of determination and ambition. You’ve got the drive to succeed but do so through collaboration rather than competition.


In terms of professions, there are several careers that align beautifully with the upright Empress’s characteristics:

  • Healthcare: As someone who naturally cares for others’ wellbeing, healthcare could be right up your alley.
  • Education: With your nurturing demeanor and desire to guide others towards growth, education can offer immense satisfaction.
  • Creative Fields: Your creativity may find expression in arts or culinary endeavors where beauty and nourishment go hand-in-hand.

These are just examples; countless other fields can benefit from an upright Empress’s touch!


Finally, let’s talk about relationships at work when you’re channeling the upright Empress energy. You foster a sense of community wherever you go – whether it’s among teammates or between different departments – promoting harmony and mutual respect. This isn’t just limited to peers; even with superiors or subordinates, relationships are based on understanding rather than hierarchy alone.

All these qualities make an individual who embodies the upright empress card truly invaluable in any professional environment!

Empress Reversed as a Career Person

Physical Characteristics

When the Empress card appears reversed in a career reading, it might suggest you’re disregarding your physical wellbeing due to work-related stress. You’ve possibly been neglecting healthy habits like regular exercise, balanced meals, or adequate rest. Don’t forget that these are essential to maintain productivity and creativity at work.

Emotional Characteristics

Emotionally, the reversed Empress could indicate feeling disconnected or unfulfilled in your career path. You may find yourself longing for more meaningful work or feeling stifled by routine. These feelings aren’t uncommon; remember that they can often serve as catalysts for change and personal growth within your professional life.


In terms of careers, if you continually draw the Empress Reversed during readings, it may be hinting at dissatisfaction with your current job role or industry. Perhaps you’re not feeling challenged enough, or maybe there’s a lack of nurturing and support from management. This card encourages introspection about what changes might restore balance and satisfaction to your career.

  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Counselors
  • Artists

These are examples of professions where nurturing energy is paramount – roles where an individual can guide others while also exercising their own creativity.


As for relationships at work when the Empress is reversed, it’s possible that there might be tensions brewing beneath the surface. Maybe you’re having disputes with colleagues or feeling undervalued by superiors. It’s crucial to address these issues head-on rather than letting them fester; open communication is key here.

Overall, seeing the Empress Reversed in a career context should be seen as an opportunity for reflection and potential transformation rather than something negative. After all, acknowledging dissatisfaction is often the first step towards finding fulfillment once again!


The Empress card, whether upright or reversed, holds a profound significance in tarot readings. It’s your connection to motherhood, creativity, and abundance. When she appears upright in your reading, you’re being guided to embrace your nurturing side.

You may find yourself more receptive to the beauty around you. Perhaps it’s time to delve into that creative project you’ve been putting off? Or maybe it’s an indication that there’s a need for more self-care and self-love in your life?

On the other hand, when The Empress shows up reversed in your tarot spread – don’t panic! This is not necessarily a bad omen. Rather, it serves as a reminder of potential pitfalls on your path towards growth.

  • You might be neglecting some important aspects of self-care
  • There could be issues related to overindulgence or smothering behavior
  • Maybe there are unresolved matters related to mother figure or maternal instincts

Every card in the tarot deck has its own unique set of meanings and interpretations – both positive and negative. Your personal context also plays a crucial role here. Remember:

  • Tarot is merely a tool for introspection
  • It doesn’t predict the future but provides guidance based on current circumstances

At the end of the day, only you can determine what The Empress means for you personally. The key is understanding her underlying themes and applying them mindfully within your own context.

Through this exploration of The Empress as a person (upright & reversed), we hope you’ve gained deeper insights into this iconic figure from tarot tradition. So next time she graces your spread – whether upright or inverted – remember these lessons and interpret her message with confidence.