The Empress as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Embarking on the journey of love and relationships, you’re likely to encounter various emotions and experiences that can seem as complex as a deck of tarot cards. One card that may resonate with your feelings is The Empress – a symbol of femininity, beauty, nature, nurturing, and abundance. This powerful figure in the Tarot deck can provide insightful perspectives about your romantic encounters when it appears in your readings.

In its upright position, The Empress signifies love, fertility, abundance, growth and sensuality; she’s an embodiment of mother earth. She represents a strong connection with our femininity. Feminine energy being not only present in women but men also have this energy within them which helps nurture themselves and others around them.

However, like all tarot cards, The Empress too has a reversed side which brings forth her less positive attributes. In her reversed state she might indicate dependence on others for happiness or overbearing behavior towards loved ones resulting from insecurities within oneself.

The Symbolism of Empress

Diving right into the symbolism of the Empress, it’s important to understand that she represents nurturing and abundance. She’s a figure of fertility, creativity, and growth. Just like Mother Earth, the Empress is a symbol of life-giving energy.

Let’s consider her symbolic elements. She’s often depicted seated on a throne in nature, surrounded by symbols of fertility – lush gardens or wheat fields. These elements underline her connection with nature and its cycles. You’ll also frequently see a crown composed of twelve stars on her head, representing her dominion over the year and the twelve zodiac signs.

The Venus symbol is another significant element associated with the Empress card. Venus, being the planet tied to love and beauty in astrology, fortifies her ties with affectionate relationships and aesthetic appreciation.

Now let’s look at how these symbols translate when it comes to feelings in love & relationships:

  • Upright Position: In an upright position, seeing an Empress signifies you’re experiencing feelings full of warmth and care towards your partner. It could indicate entering a period where your relationship blooms.
  • Reversed Position: Conversely, if you encounter an Empressed reversed during your tarot reading session about love or relationships; it might be hinting at some form of emotional neglect or dependence issues within your relationship.

So understanding this rich symbolism can provide deep insights into what one might be feeling in their love life when they draw an Empress card during Tarot readings!

Upright Empress as Feelings

When the upright Empress card appears in a tarot reading about love, it suggests feelings of nurturing and abundance. It’s a rich symbol of emotional fulfillment and caring.

How someone feels about you

If you’re wondering how someone is feeling about you and they draw the upright Empress, it’s a strong sign that they see you as loving, nurturing, and full of life. They might be experiencing deep emotional contentment when they think about you. They likely perceive you as warm-hearted, generous, and capable of creating an atmosphere of comfort and well-being around yourself.


For singles drawing this card in relation to their feelings towards love or a potential partner, the Empress signifies readiness for meaningful relationships filled with warmth and affection. She hints at your growing desire for companionship where mutual care can blossom into profound love.

  1. You might feel:
  • Ready to invest emotionally
  • Attracted to people who display motherly qualities
  • Willingness to nurture others emotionally

Existing Relationship

Within an existing relationship context, the Upright Empress indicates feelings of intense emotional connection. There’s a sense of fulfillment derived from the bond shared with your partner.

  • The relationship may inspire:
  • Emotional growth
  • Mutual respect
  • A sense of harmony

These feelings often foster stronger partnerships built on trust and understanding.

Ex’s Feeling

As for ex-partnerships where this card becomes visible during readings, the implications are slightly different but still significant. Your ex may still cherish memories associated with your past relationship; after all, the empress represents fertility not just physically but also mentally—sprouting thoughts filled with nostalgia or longing.

  • This could mean:
  • Lingering affectionate thoughts
  • Desire for reconciliation
  • Reminiscing shared intimate moments

However remember these interpretations are subjective and highly depend on other cards present in any tarot reading session.

Empress Reversed as Love Outcome

Love Questions

When the empress card appears reversed in relation to love questions, it’s often a sign of imbalance. You might be giving too much and not receiving enough, or vice versa. It can also indicate feeling unloved or unappreciated in your relationship. Remember, it’s important to address these feelings openly and honestly with your partner.

Career Questions

In the context of career queries, the reversed Empress may hint at dissatisfaction in your work life. Are you not feeling valued? Perhaps there’s a lack of creativity or passion in your current role? These are essential considerations when this card shows up reversed during a reading focused on professional matters.

New Relationship

Launching into a new relationship is exciting but can also bring its share of emotional turmoil. When the Empress shows up reversed during this time, it suggests possible insecurities or concerns regarding commitment. It could also mean you’re rushing things. Slow down and let things naturally progress; it’ll be worth the wait.

Existing Relationship

If you’re already attached and draw the Empress reversed, there could be issues brewing beneath the surface that need addressing. This could range from feeling neglected to experiencing fertility problems for couples trying for children. Communication is key here – express what’s on your mind to foster understanding between both parties.

Reconciliation with an Ex

The prospect of reconciling with an ex can stir up plenty of mixed emotions – fear, excitement, doubt… If you’ve drawn an upside-down Empress during such deliberations, it may signal unresolved issues standing in your way or hints at repeating past mistakes if you choose to rekindle old flames without adequate reflection and healing. Take heed from this Tarot guidance and tread carefully before making any decisions about going back into a past relationship.


Diving into the world of tarot, it’s clear that the Empress symbolizes a plethora of deep and profound feelings in love and relationships, both upright and reversed. You’ve seen how she stands for nurturing, fertility, abundance when upright. Yet you’ve also learned about her indicating dependence or neglect in reversed position.

It’s essential to remember that these interpretations are not set in stone. The context within which the Empress appears during a reading can greatly influence its meaning. Your intuition plays a major role too, as it guides your understanding based on your personal circumstances.

Just like any other card in the tarot deck, the Empress carries both positive and negative connotations. It all depends on how it’s drawn and where it lands in your spread. Remember:

  • Upright: The Empress signifies growth, prosperity, motherhood; expressing love through nurturing actions.
  • Reversed: This position indicates stagnation or even overbearing behavior; suggesting a need for self-care.

Ultimately, if you’re seeking answers about love and relationships from tarot cards, consider what unfolding events resonate with the Empress’ symbolism. Keep an open mind while interpreting what this powerful Major Arcana card might say about your heart’s journey.

Tarot is deeply personal and subjective—it should be used to illuminate rather than dictate your path forward in love. So next time you draw the Empress—upright or reversed—you’ll interpret her message with more depth, clarity and confidence than before.