The Emperor as a Person (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Immerse yourself in the powerful symbolism of the Emperor Tarot Card, a significant figure within any tarot deck. This card carries with it a deep-rooted sense of authority and leadership, symbolizing control, organization, and paternal influence. The Emperor in an upright position signifies that you’re on your path to success by asserting your own authority and following your personal code of ethics.

However, when reversed, the Emperor could indicate abuse of power and inflexibility. It’s all about understanding how his energy manifests in both its full might and potential downfalls. You have to remember that each card holds unique lessons for us; they act as mirrors reflecting our inner workings.

Tarot cards are more than just pieces of paper with elegant artwork; they’re tools for introspection and self-discovery. Whether you’ve drawn the Emperor in an upright or reversed position during a reading, it’s crucial to delve deeper into what this character represents – from his strengths to his shortcomings – providing vital insight into your own life journey.

The Symbolism of Emperor

Peeling back the layers of the Emperor card, you’ll discover a wealth of symbolism, each element packed with meaning. At its core, the Emperor represents authority and fatherhood. It’s no surprise then that he’s frequently depicted as an older man sitting on a throne – an unmistakable symbol of power.

Look closely and you’ll notice that the throne is often adorned with ram heads, a nod to Aries, the astrological sign associated with this card. These rams stand for determination and leadership – qualities central to Aries’ fiery nature. They also hint at stubbornness; after all, it isn’t always easy being king.

The color scheme in this card also carries weighty significance. The Emperor typically wears red clothes under his armor which signifies action and passion while his white beard shows wisdom gained over years of ruling.

Finally, let’s not forget about his scepter and orb – traditional symbols of monarchy that represent earthly possessions and worldly influence. His crown suggests connection to divinity or higher power – a necessary trait for any effective leader.

In essence:

  • Older man on throne: Power & Authority
  • Ram heads: Determination & Leadership
  • Red clothes: Action & Passion
  • White beard: Wisdom
  • Scepter & Orb: Worldly possessions & Influence
  • Crown : Connection to Divinity

Remember though that like all Tarot cards, interpretations can vary based on context; what matters most are your intuitive responses when you pull this card in a reading.

Upright Emperor as a Career Person

Physical Characteristics

When the Emperor card appears upright in a tarot reading, it often symbolizes a person who knows how to take charge. Physically, they’re known for their commanding presence. It’s not necessarily about being tall or muscular; rather, it’s about their aura that draws people in. Their confident stride and firm handshake reveal an individual who is self-assured and ready to lead.

Emotional Characteristics

On the emotional front, an upright Emperor person exudes self-control. They don’t let emotions cloud their judgment. Instead, they use logic and reasoning to make decisions. This doesn’t mean they’re devoid of feelings though—it simply means they prefer to keep them in check when making work-related decisions.


In terms of careers, those who identify with the upright Emperor are ideally suited for leadership positions where strategy and structure are key. They could excel as CEOs, military officers or project managers due to their ability to create order from chaos.

  • CEOs: Known for strategic thinking
  • Military Officers: Excel at implementing structured plans
  • Project Managers: Have a knack for overseeing complex tasks

Those represented by the upright Emperor also thrive in professions requiring discipline and perseverance such as law enforcement or athletic coaching.


As far as relationships go, an upright Emperor individual is likely dependable and straightforward—traits that can both attract and intimidate others. In professional relationships, they may come across as demanding but fair bosses while in personal ones; they might be viewed as reliable yet somewhat emotionally distant partners.

To sum up this section without saying “overall”, if you see yourself as an Upright Emperor kind of career person—someone who values structure over spontaneity—you’re likely on your way to achieving great things professionally! Just remember that every leader needs followers so don’t forget the importance of building strong relationships along your path toward success.

Emperor Reversed as a Career Person

Physical Characteristics

When the Emperor card appears reversed in your career Tarot spread, it signifies a person who may be perceived as weak or lacking authority. This isn’t always about appearance – sometimes, it’s simply how they carry themselves. They might not walk tall, their gaze may be evasive or they might lack conviction in their speech. It’s important to remember that these are all signs of someone who lacks confidence in their workplace role.

Emotional Characteristics

Emotionally, the reversed Emperor is often insecure and unsure. They may struggle with decision-making and can become easily overwhelmed by responsibility. Their emotions can run high – they’re prone to stress and anxiety when faced with professional challenges.

In contrast to the upright Emperor who radiates self-assurance, the reversed card represents an individual grappling with impostor syndrome – feeling like they don’t belong or aren’t good enough for their position, despite evidence suggesting otherwise.


In terms of careers, individuals represented by the reversed Emperor could struggle with leadership roles due to their emotional characteristics mentioned above. These individuals typically perform better in jobs where there’s clear guidance from strong leaders.

Common careers include entry-level positions or roles where there’s less pressure on individual performance and decision-making: assistant roles, junior employees within large corporations, lower-tier management roles etc.

However, this doesn’t mean these people are doomed to remain stagnant professionally; growth is always possible through skill-building and gaining confidence over time.


Finally, when it comes to relationships at work – whether professional friendships or superior-subordinate connections – those depicted by the reversed Emperor tend to shy away from confrontation. They prefer harmonious interactions and will go out of their way to avoid conflict whenever possible.

This means they might have trouble asserting themselves when necessary which can lead others taking advantage of them. However, once aware of this tendency for avoidance behavior, steps can be taken towards developing assertion skills like confident communication and negotiation abilities.

Remember: The presence of a reversed Emperor in your career Tarot reading isn’t necessarily negative; rather it provides valuable insight into areas needing personal growth for successful career advancement.


To wrap it all up, the Emperor Tarot card, whether upright or reversed, holds great significance in your readings. It’s a powerful symbol of authority and control, hinting at your ability to take charge of the situations in your life.

In its upright position, you’re looking at an indication of stability and power. You’re being called to step into leadership roles and make the decisions that will shape your reality. As with any ruler though, it’s important not to let this sense of control become domineering or oppressive.

When you see the Emperor reversed during a reading, consider it a warning sign. Overconfidence can lead to arrogance and misuse of power. On the other hand, lack of confidence may prevent you from taking necessary actions. Here’s where balance comes into play.

  • Upright Emperor: Leadership, Authority
  • Reversed Emperor: Overconfidence/arrogance; Lack of confidence/inaction

Ultimately, understanding the meaning behind this Tarot card is about recognizing your own capacity for leadership – both its strengths and its pitfalls.

The journey through tarot is deeply personal and ever-evolving. Be open-minded as you interpret these messages in relation to your unique circumstances. Your relationship with each card will deepen over time as you continue exploring what they mean for you personally.

Remember that while tarot can offer insights, it doesn’t dictate outcomes – that part’s up to you! So harness the energy of the Emperor when it appears in your readings but always keep sight of who’s really in charge – yourself.