The Chariot as a Person (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Embracing the world of tarot cards can be a thrilling journey, especially when you’re learning about the different card meanings. One card in particular that may pique your interest is The Chariot – an intriguing figure in both its upright and reversed positions.

This symbol-laden card might seem baffling at first glance. In its upright position, it often represents overcoming obstacles and achieving victory through control and determination. Whenever you pull this card, it’s usually a sign that you’re heading towards a rewarding phase in your life; one where all your hard work starts paying off.

However, when The Chariot appears reversed during a reading, it typically indicates feelings of loss of control or direction. It could suggest that you’re feeling overwhelmed by challenges or experiencing self-doubt about your ability to achieve your goals. Nevertheless, don’t let the daunting image discourage you – even in its reversed state, The Chariot offers insightful guidance on how to regain balance and overcome hurdles.

The Symbolism of Chariot

Delving into the heart of Tarot, you’ll find a wealth of layered symbolism that reveals deeper meanings. The Chariot card is no exception to this rule. Dominated by an imposing figure on a chariot drawn by two contrasting creatures, it’s packed with symbolic messages.

The central character represents ambition, control, and determination. He’s a testament to your inner warrior and drive to triumph over obstacles. Clad in armor, he symbolizes protection – reminding you that you’re equipped to face life’s challenges head-on.

Next up are the two sphinxes or horses – typically one black and one white. They represent polarity and the need for balance in life – light versus dark, positive versus negative. It’s crucial not only for understanding the world around us but also for personal growth.

Moving onto the city walls behind our charioteer – they’re indicative of solid boundaries and firm foundations; a place from which we launch our quests or ventures. Above him floats a canopy decorated with stars reminding us that while we strive for earthly achievements, there’s always a higher power at work.

Lastly, let’s glance at the square on his chest—an emblem of earth—and laurel wreath around his head—symbolic of victory—together speaking volumes about successful material pursuits achieved through hard work and resilience.

It’s clear that every detail in the Chariot card carries its own weight in symbolism–all adding up to create a powerful message about determination, willpower, victory, control over opposing forces as well as balancing different aspects of life!

Upright Chariot as career person

Taking a closer look at the Upright Chariot in relation to a career person, we’ll delve into physical characteristics, emotional traits, potential careers, and relationships.

Physical Characteristics

When you’re embodying the Upright Chariot in your career, you’re likely to exude an aura of confidence. It’s common for people to notice your assertive body language and commanding presence. Your posture may be upright and strong, reflecting the steely determination of this tarot card. You might have a knack for looking put-together and professional – dressing for success isn’t just an expression for you; it’s a lifestyle.

Emotional Characteristics

On the emotional front, your resilience is typically quite noticeable. With the spirit of the Chariot driving you forward, setbacks don’t daunt you easily. Instead, they fuel your ambition to overcome obstacles with grace and grit. Courageous and tenacious by nature, you could be someone who thrives on challenges rather than shying away from them.


In terms of careers that align well with this energy? Here are some possibilities:

  • Leadership roles: As someone channeling the Upright Chariot’s energies, leading teams or heading projects would come naturally to you.
  • Entrepreneurship: The determination inherent in this card could inspire great entrepreneurship ventures.
  • Sales & Marketing: The charisma that often comes with this card can prove beneficial in sales or marketing positions where persuasion is key.

These aren’t set in stone but offer some insights into how these energies might manifest professionally.


Lastly let’s touch base on relationships at work when embodying the Upright Chariot. This card often signifies control which means that you may tend towards taking charge in group situations or tasks – showing natural leadership abilities. However remember – balance is crucial here! While being assertive can get things done efficiently it’s equally important not to steamroll over colleagues’ ideas or opinions.

Navigating workplace dynamics while harnessing this powerful tarot energy can certainly be rewarding yet challenging too! But rest assured: if anyone has their eyes firmly fixed on mastering those chariot reins it’d probably be an Upright charioteer like yourself!

Chariot Reversed as a Career Person

Physical Characteristics

When you’re embodying the Chariot reversed in your career, it can often manifest in physical signs. Perhaps you’ve been feeling stuck or trapped, like you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like. This might show up as tension in your shoulders or a general sense of unease. You may find yourself fidgeting or pacing more than usual, signs that your body is itching for movement and change.

Emotional Characteristics

Emotionally speaking, the Chariot reversed tends to represent feelings of defeat or frustration. You might feel like you’re constantly hitting roadblocks in your career path, which can lead to disillusionment and self-doubt. It’s important to remember that these feelings are temporary – they’re merely signals that something needs to shift in order for you to move forward.


As someone who’s channeling the energy of the Chariot reversed, there’s a good chance that stagnation or lack of progress is causing distress within your career. Perhaps it’s time to consider whether your current job aligns with what truly drives and motivates you. If not, this might be an indication that it’s time for a significant change – maybe even a whole new direction.

In terms of specific careers where this tarot card could apply, think about roles where determination and tenacity are needed but currently lacking. These could include project management positions where projects aren’t moving forward due to indecisiveness or lack of clear goals.


The influence of the Chariot reversed doesn’t stop at work; it seeps into relationships too. As someone resonating with this card’s energy at work, you might also struggle with relationships – both personal and professional ones. You may find it hard to balance power dynamics effectively or struggle with setting boundaries when necessary.

Remember though: just like its upright counterpart symbolizes victory, reversing isn’t all doom and gloom! It can serve as an opportunity for growth and self-reflection if approached thoughtfully. So keep going – this phase won’t last forever!


With the Chariot tarot card, you’ve got a powerful symbol of control, determination, and success. It’s a reminder that you can harness your energies and channel them towards your goals. When this card appears upright in a reading, it’s signaling the need for focus and willpower. You are being called to take the reins of your life and steer it with certainty.

In its reversed position though, the Chariot may suggest that you’re feeling out of control or struggling to maintain direction. It could be time to pause, reassess your path, and possibly adjust your approach. Remember:

  • Upright: Control, success, determination
  • Reversed: Lack of control or direction

Moreover, viewing yourself as the Chariot means understanding that progress isn’t always linear. There can be bumps along the road; however, it’s how you navigate these challenges that truly matters.

Finally, remember that Tarot is not about predicting an unchangeable future but rather illuminating possibilities ahead. Whether upright or reversed – the Chariot ultimately encourages action toward achieving what you want.

So here’s what you should do next:

  • Reflect on where you see elements of The Chariot in your life
  • Determine if there are areas where more control might be beneficial
  • Consider whether a pause might help clarify your direction

By doing so, you’ll make effective use of this powerful Tarot symbol in shaping your destiny.