The Chariot as Message (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

If you’ve ever had a tarot reading or delved into the rich symbolism of tarot cards, you’re likely familiar with The Chariot. This major arcana card is one of the most potent and meaningful in the deck. It’s universally recognized as a symbol of willpower, determination, and victory.

When The Chariot shows up in your reading, it usually signals that it’s time to harness your energy and direct it toward achieving your goals. Upright, The Chariot is all about overcoming challenges and moving forward with confidence and control. It carries a positive message – if you stay focused and committed to your path, success is within reach.

However, what happens when The Chariot appears reversed? Well, it can imply internal conflicts or lack of direction. Reversed, The Chariot suggests that you might be losing control over some aspects of your life or facing obstacles that are throwing you off course.

Understanding both the upright & reversed meanings of this dynamic card can provide valuable insights into different areas of life – from career decisions to personal relationships. So whether you’re an experienced taroist or just beginning your journey into this intriguing realm – keep reading!

The Symbolism of Chariot

Peering into the symbolism of the Chariot Tarot Card, you’ll find it brimming with powerful imagery and profound meanings. At first glance, you’re met with a warrior, poised atop his chariot. It’s an image that immediately conveys strength, control, and determination.

The warrior’s placement isn’t by chance – he’s standing between two sphinxes representing duality – positive and negative forces that must be balanced. They symbolize the mind’s cognitive dissonance struggling to maintain harmony amidst life’s ups and downs. This balance is crucial as it indicates how well you can stay focused on your path while wrestling with opposing thoughts or challenges.

Look closer at this tarot card and you’ll see the city walls behind the chariot. These represent human-made structures or laws we live by – societal rules, cultural norms, even our personal principles. They remind us that success often comes from working within these constructs rather than against them.

A glimpse at what our warrior is wearing gives more insight into this card’s symbolism too:

  • His armor signifies protection but also restriction. It’s a reminder of our need to safeguard ourselves from external influences while acknowledging that too much defense can limit growth.
  • The laurel wreath on his head denotes triumph over adversity; a manifestation of his willpower.
  • Lastly, note the canopy above him adorned with stars – symbols of divine energy or guidance. This suggests that while we steer our own journey (the chariot), there exists some form of higher power assisting us along.

So when you draw the Chariot in an upright position during a reading, it could hint at overcoming obstacles through discipline and willpower while maintaining balance in your life. Conversely, if reversed, it may suggest loss of control or direction; cautioning against hasty decisions or actions without careful thought.

In essence, every element in this richly symbolic Tarot card carries meaning – from its robust central figure to its detailed surroundings – each adding another layer to your understanding of what ‘chariot’ truly stands for in your life’s narrative.

Upright Chariot as Message Outcome

If you’re turning to the tarot for guidance and the Upright Chariot card appears in your spread, it’s time to buckle up. This card heralds a period of determination, focus, and willpower in your life. It suggests that you’re on the right track towards achieving your goals – but the journey won’t be without its challenges.

The Upright Chariot symbolizes victory through discipline and control. It’s about harnessing your inner warrior and pushing forward with unwavering resolve. The presence of this card often indicates a need for balance between opposing forces or ideas in your life – chances are you’ve been feeling this tension already.

You’ll find yourself needing to assert yourself, stand up for what you believe, and stay committed to your path – even when obstacles arise. You might feel like you’re being pulled in different directions or facing conflicting desires. Yet, this is exactly where the strength of the charioteer lies: in maintaining control despite these challenges.

To fully grasp the message here let’s dig into some key symbols present on most depictions of the Chariot card:

  • Charioteer: Represents self-discipline and control over emotions.
  • Sphinxes/ horses: Symbolize polar opposites (black/white; positive/negative), indicating need for balance.
  • City walls behind chariot: Signify comfort zone that one needs to leave behind for growth.
  • Star canopy above: Suggests divine support or protection during journey.

All these elements work together to paint a picture of an uphill battle requiring courage, resilience, and self-belief.

Remember though, when we talk about victory related to this tarot card outcome it isn’t just about ‘winning’. Rather it’s about understanding that success comes from disciplined effort and commitment – not luck or flukes. So if you pull up an upright Chariot card during a reading – know that it’s time to take reigns firmly into hands!

Chariot Reversed as Message Outcome

When you’re seeking guidance from tarot cards, the Chariot reversed might appear to you. This card’s message isn’t one of doom and gloom but rather a call for self-reflection. It’s whispering that perhaps it’s time to reassess your path and rethink your strategies.

You’ve been charging forward with determination, which is great! But sometimes, the Chariot reversed suggests that you’re moving too quickly or without proper direction. You may be trying to control situations that are simply out of your hands. Now might be the perfect moment to take a step back, relinquish some control and let things naturally unfold.

Similarly, this card could be warning you against stubbornness. If you’ve been rigid in your thoughts or actions, refusing to budge despite obstacles or advice from others, the Chariot reversed wants you to reconsider. Stubbornness can lead us down paths we never intended and often not for the better.

The appearance of this card also brings up issues of self-doubt and lack of confidence. Are you second-guessing yourself too much? Remember that it’s important to trust in yourself and have faith in your abilities even when faced with setbacks.

Lastly, another interpretation for the Chariot reversed is indicating internal conflict or lack of direction. Are there decisions hovering over head causing stress? The answer probably lies within; seek balance between heart and mind before moving forward.

So remember: if the Chariot shows up reversed in your reading don’t panic! It’s just a signal from universe asking for introspection before further action.


We’ve come a long way, exploring the depths of the Chariot Tarot Card’s meanings, both in its upright and reversed positions. It’s clear that this card holds powerful symbolism for those who encounter it in their readings.

The Chariot reminds you to stay focused on your goals and assert your willpower. With discipline and determination, you can overcome obstacles and move forward with confidence. When this card appears upright in a reading, it’s an affirmation of your ability to command the reins of life.

However, when reversed, the Chariot sends a different message — one that calls for introspection. It suggests there might be struggles with control or direction in your life. The key is not to resist these challenges but to embrace them as opportunities for growth.

From our exploration:

  • Upright Chariot symbolizes determination, control, and victory
  • Reversed Chariot indicates lack of focus, aggression or internal conflict

Remember that tarot cards are tools meant to guide us along our journey. They offer insights into our inner workings and external circumstances but ultimately leave the decision-making up to us.

In wrapping up our discussion on the Chariot Tarot Card meaning, it’s crucial to note that understanding any tarot card takes time and patience. But by applying what we’ve learned here today about the chariot’s messages – both upright & reversed – you’ll find yourself better equipped for future readings.

And perhaps most importantly: remember that every tarot reading is unique – so while these interpretations provide guidance they should always be considered within context of your own experiences.