The Chariot as Love (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

If you’ve drawn the Chariot card in a love reading, there’s much to consider. Upright or reversed, this Tarot card carries potent messages about your romantic life. It’s all about movement and progress, but its interpretation can vary significantly based on its orientation.

When the Chariot appears upright in your spread, it signifies determination and victory. It points towards you taking control of your love life. Whether you’re single or attached, this suggests a period where you’ll be driving the direction of your relationship.

On the flip side, a reversed Chariot could indicate lack of control or direction in your love situation. It might mean that things are moving too fast or out of control. Don’t despair though; every Tarot card holds guidance for improvement if we’re attentive to its message.

The Symbolism of Chariot

Embarking on the journey to understand the symbolism of the Chariot Tarot card, you’ll quickly notice its rich and profound imagery. At first glance, you’re greeted with a strong figure driving a chariot harnessed by two sphinxes – one black and one white. This image alone carries significant symbolism.

The figure in the chariot represents your willpower, determination, and strength. He’s not controlling the sphinxes with reins but rather guides them through his will and mental power. It’s an illustration that when you’re focused and driven, you can steer your life towards your desired direction.

Now let’s take a look at those sphinxes. Their contrasting colors symbolize duality – positive/negative, male/female, yes/no. They stand for decisions we must make in our lives. In tarot readings, they remind us that every decision has consequences which directly influence our path forward.

Moving onto other elements of this card – notice the city walls in the background? They represent safety and comfort – everything that’s familiar to you. But look closely: the charioteer is moving away from these walls! This action embodies leaving behind what’s comfortable and known as we venture into unknown territories for personal growth.

Lastly, consider those stars above his head; it’s actually a canopy decorated with astrological symbols indicating celestial influences at play.

In essence:

  • The figure personifies determination
  • Sphinxes signify duality
  • City walls symbolize familiarity
  • Stars indicate cosmic forces

Together these symbols emphasize that achieving victory requires balancing various factors: willpower versus surrendering to cosmic forces; choosing between dualities; embracing unfamiliar experiences while letting go of what no longer serves us. That’s what makes understanding this card so fascinating!

Upright Chariot as Love Outcome

Outcome of a Relationship

When the Chariot shows up upright in your love outcome, it’s a strong indicator of victory and achievement. For both single folks and those already committed, it signifies forward motion towards a more fulfilling love life. It’s about overcoming hurdles and succeeding in your relationship goals.

What makes the Chariot special is its representation of determination and control. It says you’re taking charge of your emotional sphere, steering your love life exactly where you want it to go. Remember though, this card tells you that success won’t come without effort; but with dedication and willpower, triumph is within reach.

Potential Relationship

Are you eyeing someone special? The upright Chariot may have good news for you! This Tarot card indicates potential for new relationships to blossom. If there’s someone who has been catching your eye or occupying your thoughts, now might be the time to make your move.

The key here is confidence and assertiveness—two qualities embodied by the Chariot. So muster up that courage, grab those reins tightly because all signs are pointing towards an exciting romantic journey ahead!

New Relationship

Just started seeing somebody? The arrival of the upright Chariot in this scenario suggests rapid progression. Your relationship could quickly advance to higher levels of commitment due to the energy driven by this card.

This doesn’t mean rushing things though—it signifies steady progress at a swift pace. Enjoy every moment because these initial stages set the foundation for what’s coming next—a potentially intense connection filled with passion!

Existing Relationship

In existing relationships, pulling an upright Chariot as a love outcome symbolizes progression beyond current challenges or stagnation phases. It encourages couples to work together harmoniously for their shared goals while maintaining individual identities.

You may need to navigate through some roadblocks or differences but remember—the power of the chariot lies in balancing dual forces effectively! This mutual respect for personal space while striving together can take your bond from strength-to-strength.

Separation Situation

Facing separation isn’t easy but when confronted with an upright Chariot during such times—it advises harnessing inner strength & resilience for moving forward positively. Here’s what it means: Even if things seem tough right now, remember that each challenge is surmountable—you’re equipped with all necessary tools for emerging victorious on other side.

So whether you’re reeling from heartbreak or contemplating reconciliation—know that whatever path chosen can lead towards betterment provided there’s determination & focus involved.

Chariot Reversed as Love Outcome

Outcome of a Relationship

When the Chariot appears reversed in your love reading, it’s often a signal that things aren’t going as smoothly as you’d hoped. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re losing control or direction in your relationship. It could indicate conflicts, disagreements, or lack of progress. This doesn’t necessarily mean an end to the relationship but suggests there are issues that need addressing.

Potential Relationship

If you’re inquiring about a potential love interest and the reversed Chariot pops up, brace yourself for some challenges ahead. Here, this card may represent hesitation or fear of moving forward with this new person. Whether it’s because of past experiences or insecurities about the future, it’s worth digging deeper into these feelings before making any decisions.

New Relationship

In a new relationship context, pulling the Chariot reversed might mean you and your partner are still finding your rhythm together. Navigating through early tensions might seem daunting at first – maybe one person is charging ahead too fast while the other struggles to catch up. But don’t be disheartened; learning to balance each other out is part of any budding romance.

Existing Relationship

Now let’s say you’re already committed and deep into a long-term partnership when this card shows itself upside down – what then? The stability might have been disrupted recently due to external influences or internal problems within your bond. You both could feel like losing grip over things that were once under control in your union. But remember: every relationship has its ups and downs.

Separation Situation

Lastly, in situations where separation or breakup is being considered, an inverted Chariot symbolizes how difficult it can be to move on from someone we’ve cared deeply about. It may imply reluctance to take action towards finalizing the split – perhaps due to lingering emotions or fear of change.

Remember that Tarot only shines light on possibilities – they aren’t fixed predictions carved in stone! Your actions and choices ultimately shape your destiny.


Diving into the world of tarot can be an enlightening experience. And the Chariot card, with its rich symbolism and nuanced interpretations, certainly adds depth to your understanding. Remember, when it comes upright in a love reading, it’s signaling movement and progress in your relationship. It’s pushing you to take control and steer things towards positivity and mutual growth.

On the flip side, a reversed Chariot could indicate obstacles or imbalance in your love life. But don’t let this dishearten you! It’s not necessarily predicting doom; instead, it’s urging you to reassess and regain control over your situation.

Both upright and reversed positions have their distinct meanings so pay attention to what resonates most with you during a reading. Here are key points one last time:

  • Upright: Signals progress, control in relationships.
  • Reversed: Points towards potential challenges or imbalance.

The beauty of tarot is that it provides guidance based on current situations but remember – nothing is cast in stone! You have the power to influence outcomes through your actions. So whether the Chariot charges forward boldly or stumbles slightly off its path, know that ultimately it’s all about finding balance and maintaining direction in your journey of love.

Finally, keep exploring tarot! Every card has something new to teach us about our lives – including those intricate matters of the heart.