The Chariot as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

When navigating the complex world of love and relationships, it’s not uncommon to turn to the ancient wisdom of tarot for guidance. One card that may appear in your readings is The Chariot – a symbol of determination, control, and victory. When you pull this card, it can provide valuable insights into the dynamics at play in your romantic life.

In its upright position, The Chariot suggests a relationship moving forward with momentum and purpose. You might be experiencing an intense passion that propels both you and your partner towards common goals. This drive can lead to powerful bonds as well as potential challenges – staying in control without becoming controlling is key here.

However, when The Chariot appears reversed in a love reading, it could signify obstacles or delays on your journey together. It’s possible you’re feeling stuck or struggling against opposing forces within the relationship. Remember: even if things seem tough right now, The Chariot reminds us that determination and self-belief are potent tools for overcoming any hurdles thrown our way.

The Symbolism of the Chariot

Dive into the symbolism behind the Chariot card and you’ll discover layers of meaning that can enhance your understanding of love and relationships. Often depicted as a warrior driving a chariot, this Tarot card symbolizes determination, control, and willpower. It’s about taking charge, steering your own course towards your desired destination.

When you draw the Chariot in its upright position during a love reading, it’s usually an encouraging sign. It suggests that you’re in control of your feelings and emotions. You’re able to balance both the fiery passion and tender affection that comes with love. This equilibrium allows for healthy communication within the relationship, fostering trust and mutual respect.

But what happens when this powerful card shows up reversed? Well, it may indicate challenges or even loss of control over emotions in your relationship. This could manifest as arguments escalating quickly or feeling emotionally overwhelmed more often than not. However, seeing this isn’t necessarily a death knell for romance—it’s more like a wake-up call to reassess how you’re navigating emotional waters.

To get deeper insights from this card’s symbolism consider looking at other elements too:

  • The Horses: Usually seen pulling the chariot are two horses (or sphinxes) representing opposing forces—think passion vs reason—that need to be balanced.
  • The Armor: The armor worn by the charioteer signifies protection which is crucial in maintaining emotional wellbeing within any relationship.
  • The Star Canopy: Above his head is often seen a canopy of stars suggesting divine guidance or higher spiritual influence at work.

Understanding these symbols can offer valuable perspectives on how to approach issues within relationships—whether personal or romantic—and provides direction on how best to steer towards a healthier dynamic. So next time when interpreting tarot cards keep these symbolic elements in mind—they might just shed light on aspects previously overlooked!

Upright Chariot as feelings

When the Chariot card shows up in your reading, it’s a clear signal of determination and willpower. This powerful symbol can provide valuable insights into your emotions, relationships, and potential future outcomes.

How someone feels about you

If the upright Chariot appears when asking how someone feels about you, they likely view you as confident and goal-oriented. They’re impressed by your drive to succeed and admire the control you have over your life. You may find that this person sees you as someone who isn’t afraid to take charge or steer things in the direction of their choosing.


For singles looking for love, pulling an upright Chariot is good news! It suggests that now could be a time of personal growth and self-discovery which can attract new relationships into your life. You’re radiating strong positive energy and this confidence magnetizes others towards you.

Existing relationship

In an existing relationship, an upright Chariot signifies progression. It’s indicating that both partners are working together toward a common goal. There’s shared ambition within the relationship which is driving it forward at full speed; just make sure not to let competitiveness creep in!

Ex’s Feeling

Regarding ex-lovers’ feelings when seeing an upright Chariot – they might see your success post-breakup and feel a sense of regret or loss. They acknowledge the strength within you that perhaps wasn’t fully appreciated during your time together.

Remember, each Tarot card has its unique interpretations depending on different scenarios but being aware of these general themes can help guide you through understanding what they represent in terms of feelings. The key takeaway with the Upright Chariot? You’re perceived as strong-willed, ambitious individual who knows where they want to go – whether in love or life generally.

Chariot Reversed as Love Outcome

When the Chariot card appears reversed in a love reading, it’s often a signal of imbalance or lack of control. Let’s delve deeper into what this could mean for different aspects of your love life.

Love Questions

Having the chariot reversed show up during a love question can be disconcerting. It’s a warning bell that suggests you’re letting external forces dictate your love journey rather than steering it yourself. You might find yourself swept away by passion, disregarding any potential red flags. In such situations, it’s crucial to regain balance and ensure you’re not sacrificing important parts of yourself for the sake of love.

Career Questions

While career and love may seem unrelated, they can significantly influence each other. For instance, if your work life is chaotic and uncontrolled – much like the symbolism behind the reversed Chariot – it might be affecting your romantic relationships negatively too. Struggling to manage personal ambition with relationship goals? This is your cue to revisit priorities and strike an equilibrium.

New Relationship

Beginning a new relationship while under the influence of the reversed Chariot might feel like being caught in a whirlwind romance without any sense of direction. While excitement is part and parcel of new connections, losing sight of reality isn’t healthy. Remember: slow down, set boundaries and build a strong foundation first.

Existing Relationship

Seeing this upside-down chariot in context to an existing partnership could hint towards power struggles or lack of mutual progression. Are you both pulling in opposite directions? It’s time for open communication about shared goals and aspirations – don’t let disputes drive that wedge further!

Reconciliation with an Ex

If you’re considering getting back together with an ex-partner, the reversed Chariot urges caution. There might be unresolved issues from past that are causing chaos within this reconciliation process. Focus on understanding what went wrong previously before deciding whether hopping back onto old tracks is truly worthwhile!


Looking back, it’s clear that The Chariot tarot card holds a potent message when it comes to love and relationships. You’ve seen how the upright position signifies determination, control, and victory – all essential components for maintaining a thriving relationship.

The reversed position of The Chariot, on the other hand, serves as an important reminder to check in with your personal life. It highlights potential challenges like loss of control, aggression or directionless progress. Yet remember that these hurdles aren’t insurmountable; they’re merely checkpoints for reflection and growth.

Let’s summarize what you’ve learned:

  • Upright Position: Represents drive, ambition and perseverance in a relationship.
  • Reversed Position: Suggests possible conflicts resulting from uncontrolled emotions or lack of direction.

In essence, whether The Chariot appears upright or reversed during your reading plays a significant part in understanding its impact on your love life.

Remember though – Tarot readings are just one tool among many for navigating the complexities of love and relationships. They offer insight but don’t dictate your path. Ultimately you hold the reins; you determine how to steer these insights into actionable decisions that shape your romantic journey.

So next time you pull The Chariot card from the deck during a reading about love and relationships – whether it’s upright or reversed – pause for a moment. Reflect on what this symbolizes about your current emotional state or situation in love matters. Keep in mind both its challenges and promises so you can make informed decisions moving forward.