The Chariot as Career Advice (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Ever wondered what the Chariot tarot card could mean for your career path? The Chariot, often depicted as a warrior in a chariot, symbolizes determination, control and willpower. When this card pops up in your tarot reading, it’s suggesting that you’ve got the strength to conquer any obstacles on your professional journey. Whether upright or reversed, this powerful Major Arcana card holds important messages about your career life.

In its upright position, the Chariot signifies success through hard work and discipline. It’s telling you that now is the time to stay focused on your goals and push through challenges with confidence. You’re on the right path to achieving great things in your career if you maintain control and keep charging forward.

On the flip side, a reversed Chariot can suggest internal conflicts or lack of direction in your career. But don’t worry – it isn’t all doom and gloom! This might just be an opportunity for introspection; a chance to reassess where you’re heading professionally or overcome personal issues standing in your way. Remember: every tarot card has something valuable to teach us – even when they seem negative at first glance.

The Symbolism of Chariot

Peering into the symbolism of the Chariot tarot card, you’ll discover a wealth of meaning. At its core, this card represents determination and willpower. It’s about self-control and personal drive. A chariot is traditionally a vehicle driven by war heroes or royal figures, symbolizing power and victory. Yet, it isn’t all about brute force.

Take note of the two sphinxes in front – one black and one white. They’re not just there for decoration. These creatures represent positive and negative forces respectively, demonstrating life’s dualities like night/day or joy/sorrow.

What about the driver? He doesn’t hold any reins but carries a wand instead – reminiscent of those seen in Magician’s hands. This signifies that he controls through strength of will rather than physical means.

Look closely at his armor too – covered in alchemical symbols and moons crescent indicating spiritual transformation – an ultimate goal for many on their personal journey.

Lastly, don’t overlook the city walls behind him signifying comfort zones left behind to seek accomplishments beyond what’s known or familiar.

In essence, the symbolism embedded within the Chariot card speaks volumes about harnessing energies effectively for successful navigation through life’s challenges.

Upright Chariot as Career Advice

New Job

When the Upright Chariot card pops up in your career tarot reading, it’s a strong signal that you’re heading towards a new job. This card signifies motivation, control and determination. You might be stepping into an exciting opportunity where you’ll need to showcase your skills and talents. Have faith in yourself – just like the charioteer, harness your inner strength and charge ahead with confidence.

Financial Advice

The Upright Chariot as financial advice suggests that you’re on the right path to attaining financial stability. It’s time for bold moves! Don’t shy away from taking calculated risks. If there are investments you’ve been eyeing or changes you want to make in your current financial plan, now could be an opportune moment.

Current Job

Feeling stagnant at work? The Upright Chariot encourages movement and progress in your current job role. Best believe it’s time for some action! Speak up about new projects you’d like to tackle, negotiate for that promotion or raise if it’s long overdue. The chariot is all about momentum – don’t let fear hold back your potential.

Starting a Business

Considering starting a business? The appearance of this card indicates it’s time for you to take the reins! An entrepreneurial journey requires resilience and unwavering focus, traits symbolized by the upright chariot card. Keep pushing forward even when challenges arise – remember the ultimate victory lies beyond these hurdles!

Switch Industries

Thinking of making a switch? The upright chariot may just be indicating that change is coming! Be ready to learn new skills or adapt existing ones as you shift industries. With courage and determination symbolized by this card, rest assured; this transition will bring growth and fresh perspectives.

Chariot Reversed as Career Advice

When the tarot’s Chariot shows up reversed, it’s signaling a time of reflection on your career path. Whether you’re looking for a new job, seeking financial advice, assessing your current position, considering starting a business, or pondering switching industries – this card can provide some valuable insights.

New Job

Have you been hunting for that perfect role but keep hitting roadblocks? The reversed Chariot might be indicating that it’s time to pause and reconsider your approach. It’s calling you to look inward and perhaps take some time to reassess what you’re really after in your professional life. Maybe there are other roles or fields out there better suited to your skills and aspirations.

Financial Advice

We all could use some solid financial advice now and then. If the reversed Chariot has come up in a reading about finances, don’t panic! This doesn’t necessarily mean disaster is looming. Rather, it suggests that careful planning and control over reckless impulses is required right now. Prioritize budgeting, saving wisely, and making thoughtful investment decisions.

Current Job

Feeling stuck or dissatisfied in your current role? When the Chariot appears reversed around questions about your existing job situation, it might indicate struggles with progress or momentum at work. It’s an opportunity to reflect on possible changes needed – whether that’s speaking up for more responsibility or even considering whether this job aligns with where you want to be long-term.

Starting a Business

Dreaming of launching into entrepreneurship with a startup? A reversed Chariot isn’t necessarily bad news – but suggests caution is needed. It may hint towards potential challenges like delays in plans or difficulties getting off the ground initially. But remember: these setbacks can shape resilience and determination – two key traits of successful entrepreneurs.

Switch Industries

Considering a complete industry switch? That’s quite the undertaking! The reversed Chaitor advises careful thought before such drastic changes. Evaluate why exactly you’re contemplating this move – does it align with personal values? Does it offer growth opportunities? Take ample time weighing pros and cons before making any significant shifts.

Remember: The Tarot offers wisdom but not fixed answers. Use these insights from the reversed chariot card as guidance rather than absolute truths in navigating career choices.


Your journey with the Chariot tarot card has been enlightening, hasn’t it? We’ve explored the deep meaning of this card in both its upright and reversed positions. But what’s most important is how you apply this knowledge to your career path.

You’ve learned that drawing the Chariot card upright signifies determination, control, direction, and success. It’s a strong indicator that you’re on the right track in your career. You’re encouraged to stay focused and keep pushing towards your goals. This could mean stepping up for a leadership role at work or taking initiative on new projects.

Yet when drawn reversed, the Chariot warns against losing control and veering off course. It might signify internal conflicts or lack of direction in your career. If you find yourself facing these challenges, remember it’s okay to slow down and reevaluate your path.

But remember not to take these interpretations too literally – they’re meant as guidance rather than fixed rules for navigating your professional life:

  • Upright Chariot: Continue striving forward with determination.
  • Reversed Chariot: Time for reflection and reassessment.

The power of tarot lies not just in understanding each card’s interpretation but also applying that wisdom to real-life situations. So whether you’ve drawn an upright or reversed Chariot today, use this insight as a tool to shape your career journey positively.

In essence, let the energy of the Chariot guide you through turbulent waters of uncertainty towards success. Let it be a reminder that with perseverance and focus comes achievement – something we all aspire in our careers!