Strength as Yes or No (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Diving into the world of Tarot, you’ll discover a realm rich in symbolism and nuanced interpretations. One such card that often sparks curiosity is the Strength Tarot Card. It’s an intriguing part of the deck, offering layered meanings when viewed in its upright and reversed positions.

When you pull out this card during a reading, it’s not just about physical strength. Rather, it reflects your mental and emotional might as well. The Strength card, in its upright position, usually signifies inner power, courage, patience and control – showcasing that real strength doesn’t always come from brute force.

However, if the same card appears reversed during your Tarot reading session? Suddenly the meaning shifts. Instead of embodying personal fortitude and compassion, a reversed Strength Tarot Card can signal self-doubt or lack of self-discipline. It may call for introspection to regain balance in your life.

So whether you’re new to tarot or an experienced reader looking for deeper insights into this particular card’s significance – keep reading! We’ll explore further how these Yes/No interpretations of the Strength Tarot Card can guide you on your spiritual journey.

The Symbolism of Strength

Diving into the Strength card’s symbolism, you’ll quickly realize it’s a rich tapestry of meaning. Central to the imagery is a woman calmly closing the jaws of a lion. This powerful image isn’t just about brute force; it symbolizes inner strength and courage, showing that true power often lies in resilience, patience, and compassion.

You might be intrigued by the lemniscate or infinity symbol above her head – a common feature in tarot cards. It indicates infinite potential, eternal wisdom, and connection with higher spiritual realms. By taming the wild beast without any sense of hostility or fear, she demonstrates mastery over more than just physical challenges but also emotional ones.

Look closer at her white robe – it’s not there by coincidence. In tarot symbology, white signifies purity and innocence while her belt of flowers represents beauty, kindness, and subtlety. These elements together suggest that this is no ordinary kind of strength but one achieved through love and understanding instead of aggression.

The mountain range in the background? It represents hurdles or challenges we all face in life. But don’t fret! The golden sky suggests enlightenment and spiritual fulfillment are within reach if we can harness our inner strength as illustrated by this card.

Finally observe that lion – traditional embodiment of raw passion and animal instinct. Here’s where things get interesting: rather than battling against these instincts, our figure appears to be soothingly quieting them down with gentle hands. It implies an encouragement for you to balance your base desires with higher virtues for harmonious personal growth.

So next time when you draw this card from your deck either upright or reversed remember its profound messages: true strength emanates from within; patience trumps anger; compassion conquers brute force; challenges are surmountable with inner fortitude.

Upright Strength as Yes or No

When you pull the upright Strength card in a tarot reading, it’s often an affirmative signal. However, its meaning can vary based on the context of your questions.

Love Questions

In love readings, the upright Strength Tarot card is usually a YES. It suggests that you possess inner strength and courage to face any challenges ahead. You’re not afraid to show your vulnerability in relationships. This emotional openness actually strengthens your bond with others.

For instance, if you’re curious whether someone has feelings for you, pulling this card might suggest they do – but their feelings are more about admiration of your internal fortitude than physical attraction.

Career Questions

The strength card also leans towards YES when it comes to career-oriented inquiries. It indicates resilience and endurance during challenging times at work. If you’re wondering about taking up a new job offer or making a major business decision, this card encourages boldness and assertiveness.

Think of it like this: If there’s been tension or conflict at work lately, the appearance of the Strength card signifies that you have the ability to stay calm under pressure — a trait highly valued in professional environments.

New Relationship

If your question revolves around initiating a new relationship, again it’s likely to be YES with the upright Strength Tarot Card. The card advises patience and understanding as every relationship takes time to develop its own rhythm and pace.

Let’s say if you’re considering asking someone out on date; receiving this tarot sign implies that now could be an auspicious time especially if approached with genuine sentimentality and respect for them as individuals.

Existing Relationship

Regarding existing relationships, Strength reassures affirmatively that despite difficulties or disagreements both partners have sufficient resilience to weather through.

A simple scenario: Say there’s been some recent friction between you two because of various reasons; seeing this tarot symbolises both parties are capable enough of handling tough situations without letting go off each other.

Reconciliation With An Ex

Lastly for reconciliation queries concerning an ex-partner, while typically being positive indicator doesn’t necessarily mean getting back together romantically; rather it emphasises healing old wounds amicably which eventually would lead towards peace between both sides.

For example; if pondering whether reaching out to them will create further havoc – drawing this tarot can indicate instead conversation may end up resolving past miscommunications leading toward closure even though not necessarily resuming romantic relations again.

Strength Reversed as Love Outcome

Love Questions

When it comes to love, a reversed Strength card can indicate that you may be dealing with inner struggles or insecurities. There’s a chance you’re feeling powerless in your relationship, and this could be due to a lack of self-confidence or fear of vulnerability. It’s crucial for you to remember not to let these feelings take control. Find strength within yourself and face your emotions head-on.

Career Questions

In the context of career questions, drawing the Strength card in reverse suggests that you might feel overwhelmed by work-related stress or pressure. Perhaps you’re doubting your abilities or worrying about how others perceive you professionally. The important thing is not letting such thoughts muddle your judgment or affect productivity. You’ve got what it takes; it’s all about tapping into your inner strength and resilience.

New Relationship

Pulling a reversed Strength Tarot card when asking about a new relationship could signal difficulties ahead. There might be power dynamics at play, or perhaps one person is wearing their heart on their sleeve while the other remains guarded. This doesn’t necessarily mean doom for the budding romance; rather, it’s an opportunity for both parties to confront these issues honestly and openly.

Existing Relationship

A reversed Strength card relating to an existing relationship indicates there may be some problems brewing beneath the surface. Whether it’s unexpressed emotions, bottled-up resentments, or imbalances in power dynamics – these issues need addressing sooner rather than later. Remember, acknowledging vulnerabilities isn’t a sign of weakness but rather one of courage.

Reconciliation with an Ex

If drawn during questions about reconciling with an ex-partner, the reversed Strength Tarot card hints at unresolved emotional baggage that may hinder progress towards reconciliation. Fear of repeating past mistakes could also hold you back from giving things another try — but don’t forget that true strength lies in facing our fears and learning from them.

Remember: While tarot readings provide guidance and insights based on current scenarios, they aren’t set in stone! Your destiny always rests within your hands – so use this wisdom mindfully as you navigate through life’s complexities.


By now, you’ve learned the multitude of meanings behind the Strength Tarot card. Whether it shows up in your readings upright or reversed, it’s clear that this card holds a potent message. Remember, strength isn’t solely about physical power; it denotes mental and emotional resilience too.

Should the Strength card appear upright in your reading, it’s a strong indicator of inner fortitude and courage. You’re being called upon to remain calm and compassionate, even in trying times. This is not a time for brute force but for patience and understanding.

On the other hand, if you see this card reversed during a tarot session, take it as an opportunity to reflect on personal insecurities or self-doubt. It might be signaling that you’re giving too much power away or acting out of fear rather than love.

To truly understand what the Strength Tarot Card means in your life:

  • Reflect on both its upright and reversed meanings
  • Consider how its themes resonate with your current circumstances
  • Apply its lessons about inner strength and compassion

Keep in mind that while tarot cards can offer insight, they don’t dictate what will happen—they merely suggest potential outcomes based on current patterns.

So keep exploring tarot’s rich symbolism and see how these ancient archetypes play out in your daily life. With every reading comes more wisdom—and with wisdom comes true strength.