Strength as a Person (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Unraveling the mysteries of Tarot cards can be a fascinating journey. When you’re exploring the Strength card, both in its upright and reversed form, there’s more than meets the eye. This card, often depicted as a woman gently taming a lion, symbolizes inner strength, courage, patience and control. But what does it mean for you when this card appears in your reading?

In an upright position, the Strength tarot card tells you that you possess the spirit of resilience and endurance. It’s not merely about physical power; rather it speaks volumes about your emotional and spiritual fortitude. It encourages you to tap into your innate bravery to overcome obstacles.

However, if the Strength tarot card shows up reversed in your spread, things take on a different hue altogether. It may indicate self-doubt or lack of control over certain aspects of your life. Don’t let this alarm you – instead see it as an opportunity to reevaluate where you stand emotionally or spiritually and adjust accordingly.

Remember that understanding these meanings is just one part of mastering Tarot readings – but it’s an important step nonetheless!

The Symbolism of Strength

Delving into the world of tarot, you’ll quickly find that each card brims with symbolic meaning. In the case of the Strength card, it’s no different. This card is typically represented by a woman calmly taming a lion – a clear symbolism for inner strength and control over one’s primal instincts.

The woman in this image represents spiritual power and enlightenment, while the lion stands as a symbol of our raw, animalistic urges and passions. She isn’t using brute force to tame him; instead, she exudes calmness and understanding. This intricate tableau communicates that real strength doesn’t always come from physical might but also from emotional intelligence and psychological resilience.

In some decks, there’s an infinity symbol floating above her head. This timeless emblem signifies eternal wisdom and spiritual insight that transcends earthly limitations. It serves as a reminder that our inner strength is not fleeting or temporary – it’s an inherent part of us that endures through whatever trials we face.

Strength is associated with the number 8 in tarot numerology – another layer of symbolism worth exploring. Here are some key attributes:

  • Harmony: Eight symbolizes balance and harmony; two aspects crucial for maintaining inner peace.
  • Karma: The shape itself mirrors the karmic cycle—what goes around comes around—indicating that our actions have consequences.
  • Power: Lastly, eight resonates with personal power—that unyielding tenacity within us all to overcome challenges.

The imagery may vary slightly between different decks, but the core message remains consistent: true strength lies within your ability to manage emotions effectively rather than exert physical force or dominance.

In its reversed form though, this card suggests struggle with self-doubt or lack of confidence – showing how frailty can lurk behind even seemingly robust facades. Hence when you draw this card during a reading (be it upright or reversed), remember its potent symbolism about genuine fortitude emanating from deep within.

Upright Strength as a Career Person

Physical Characteristics

When you’re embodying the upright Strength Tarot card in your career, you’ll likely project an image of physical resilience and vitality. People with this characteristic often have a vibrant aura that commands respect. They may not necessarily be the most physically imposing figures, but they exude an inner strength that’s palpable to those around them.

Emotional Characteristics

In terms of emotional characteristics, individuals who resonate with the upright Strength card are typically calm, composed, and display immense emotional fortitude. They’re not easily swayed by stress or high-pressure situations – instead, they thrive under these conditions. These people possess a deep well of patience and manage their emotions effectively which contributes significantly to their success in their respective careers.


Now let’s talk about the types of careers where someone with the traits of upright Strength excels:

  • Leadership roles: Given their innate ability to manage stress and command respect.
  • Healthcare professions: Their strong sense of empathy makes them ideal for caregiving roles.
  • Counseling or therapy: Due to their emotional intelligence and understanding nature.

The key here is that any career requiring resilience, compassion, leadership skills or a blend of these attributes would suit individuals resonating with this Tarot card.


Lastly but certainly no less important is relationships at work. People who embody the upright Strength Tarot card often form deep connections based on mutual respect and honesty. They are reliable colleagues or bosses who build trust through consistency in action and fairness in decision making. Their strengths lie in fostering harmonious relationships at work while managing conflicts efficiently when they arise.

So there you go! This is how an individual personifying the Upright Strength Tarot Card might present themselves within a professional context – displaying both physical endurance and immense emotional strength alongside valuable relationship management skills.

Strength Reversed as Career Person

Physical Characteristics

When the Strength Tarot card is reversed in a career-oriented reading, it can indicate a struggle with self-doubt or lack of confidence. Physically, you may find yourself feeling drained or under pressure at work. This could manifest as fatigue, stress-induced ailments, or even a general lack of enthusiasm for your job.

It’s not uncommon to see changes in posture when you’re dealing with these issues – perhaps slouching more often than not. You might also notice some tension-related symptoms like headaches or tightness in your neck and shoulders.

Emotional Characteristics

Emotionally, the Strength reversed card points towards feelings of inadequacy and self-criticism. You might be doubting your abilities and questioning whether you’re capable enough to handle your responsibilities. It’s possible that you’re being too hard on yourself – setting unrealistic expectations and then berating yourself for not meeting them.

This can lead to an emotional downward spiral where negative thoughts feed into poor performance which further reinforces those negative thoughts. It’s important to remember that everyone has off days or periods where they feel less confident about their abilities.


In terms of careers, the Strength reversed card suggests that you may be in a role where your skills are undervalued or overlooked entirely. This could mean having ideas dismissed by superiors, being passed over for promotions, or simply feeling unfulfilled by your current position.

If this resonates with you, it might be time to consider whether there are other opportunities out there that would better appreciate what you bring to the table:

  • Roles requiring strategic thinking
  • Positions allowing creativity
  • Jobs valuing communication skills

Relationships at Work

The Strength reversed card can also reflect struggles within workplace relationships. This could mean conflict with colleagues, difficulties communicating effectively with management, or feeling unsupported by your team.

It’s worth considering how these relationship dynamics impact both your job satisfaction and performance levels:

  • Positive relationships foster collaboration.
  • Negative relationships may affect motivation.
  • Neutral relationships often require effort to improve communication channels


Now that you’ve journeyed through the meaning of the Strength tarot card, both in its upright and reversed positions, it’s time to reflect on how this knowledge can enhance your understanding of yourself and your circumstances.

When drawn upright, remember that the Strength card symbolizes inner resilience and emotional stability. These aren’t traits you’re born with, but rather abilities developed over time through experiences and personal growth. Embrace every opportunity for self-improvement and recognize that strength comes from within.

In contrast, a reversed Strength card suggests internal struggle or self-doubt. It doesn’t mean defeat though; it serves as a reminder to reevaluate your situation. Listen to what your emotions are telling you – they might be signaling an imbalance in your life which requires attention.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • The Strength tarot card represents inner fortitude when upright.
  • In reverse, it indicates a need for introspection and balance.
  • Both interpretations serve as guides for personal development.

Remember too that tarot cards don’t predict the future – their purpose is to provide insight into present situations so you can make informed decisions moving forward.

Tarot reading is a deeply personal experience, unique to each individual. Whether you draw the Strength card upright or reversed, know that its appearance signifies an opportunity for growth and self-discovery. So embrace it confidently!

Lastly, never stop learning about tarot: there’s always more wisdom to uncover!