Strength as Love (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Diving deep into the realm of tarot, Strength emerges as a significant card symbolizing both power and affection. Often misunderstood, this prominent player in your tarot deck is worth your time to decipher correctly. It’s not just about physical prowess or forceful dominance; it’s more nuanced than that. This card represents inner strength, compassion, patience, and love.

When you pull the Strength card in an upright position during a reading, it’s generally a positive sign. You’re being nudged towards adopting courage and understanding in face of adversity. It signifies mastering raw emotions to bring calm to yourself or the situation at hand – a kind of love outcome where bravery meets benevolence.

However, when reversed, the Strength Tarot card takes on different connotations. It suggests that you may be giving away too much of your personal power or acting out with unchecked emotions. In terms of love outcomes, it could signify imbalance or lack of harmony within relationships – something that needs your immediate attention.

The Symbolism of Strength

Peeling back the layers of the Strength Tarot card, you’ll find a wealth of symbolism that helps to shed light on its meaning. At its heart, this card represents more than just physical power; it’s about emotional and spiritual strength too.

Let’s start with the image commonly depicted in most tarot decks. A woman calmly taming a lion. This isn’t an act of brute force – it’s a display of serene control and harmony between raw nature (the lion) and human spirit (the woman). Here, strength is portrayed as gentle dominance over our baser instincts or fears.

Turning your attention now to the lemniscate – that infinity symbol hovering above the lady’s head – you can’t help but notice its significance. It’s synonymous with balance, showing us that true strength comes from maintaining equilibrium in life. The duality between infinite potential and grounded reality is what defines this emblem.

Next up: let’s take a peek at her white robe, symbolizing purity and innocence. It might seem odd for such qualities to be associated with strength, right? Well not quite! In fact, they embody moral courage and integrity — aspects intrinsic to inner fortitude.

Lastly, don’t overlook those mountains looming in the background! They add another layer to our understanding of this card. Mountains represent challenges or obstacles we face in life. Their presence here serves as a reminder that real strength lies not in bypassing these hurdles but tackling them head-on.

So there you have it – deciphering key elements like these provides greater insight into the profound symbolism behind Strength Tarot card. Remember though, interpretation can vary depending on different decks or perspectives from various tarot readers.

Upright Strength as Love Outcome

Outcome of a Relationship

The upright Strength card signifies resilience in love. When you see this card, it’s a sign that your relationship is built on mutual respect and understanding. You’re able to handle any challenges that come your way, because you both have the inner strength to overcome them. This doesn’t mean there won’t be tough times; rather, it suggests you’ll weather those storms together. Keep in mind that true strength isn’t about domination but compromise.

Potential Relationship

Facing the prospect of a new relationship? The upright Strength card indicates promising possibilities. It symbolizes not just physical attraction but emotional connection too – giving you the courage to open your heart once more. There may be fear or anxiety, yet with patience and compassion, these feelings can be subdued. Remember: vulnerability is not weakness, but an indication of bravery.

New Relationship

In terms of a new relationship, the upright Strength card represents bonding through shared experiences and personal growth. Here’s where passion meets kindness – leading to deeper intimacy and trust over time. This phase might require some adjustment as both partners learn to navigate each other’s strengths and weaknesses – creating balance from differences rather than similarity.

Existing Relationship

Got an existing relationship? The appearance of an upright Strength ensures stability amidst change or adversity. Its message is simple: continue nurturing your bond with empathy and patience even when tensions rise high or misunderstandings occur frequently – they’re part of every long-standing partnership after all! Just remember not to suppress feelings; instead communicate openly for resolution.

Separation Situation

For those dealing with separation or breakups, encountering upright Strength offers solace during hard times – encouraging acceptance over resentment or bitterness towards past relationships gone astray. It urges self-love above all else – empowering individuals stuck in pain or regret to regain their sense of self-worth by recognizing their inherent power within.

Strength Reversed as Love Outcome

When you’re reading the Strength Tarot Card in reverse and applying it to your love life, it’s a compelling symbol with layers of meaning. It might have different implications depending on the state of your relationship.

Outcome of a Relationship

In the world of tarot readings, pulling a reversed Strength card in terms of an outcome often suggests that there may be some struggles or weakness within your relationship. You might feel like you’re being pushed around or controlled by your partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean an end to your union, but it does signify that there are issues to work out if things are going to improve.

Potential Relationship

If you’ve got eyes for someone special but haven’t yet made a move, seeing this inverted card can hint towards hesitations or insecurities holding you back from pursuing potential love interest. Self-doubt could prevent you from expressing feelings towards someone who catches your heart.

New Relationship

A fresh romance is exciting and full of promise, but when the Strength card appears reversed in this context, it suggests that there may be power dynamics at play that could lead to future complications. Both partners need to ensure they’re on equal footing and respect each other’s boundaries for their newfound love to blossom into something beautiful.

Existing Relationship

The sight of the reversed Strength card tied to an existing relationship indicates possible imbalance between partners – one might feel overpowered or less valued than the other. As difficult as these situations can be, acknowledging them is the first step toward resolution so don’t get discouraged.

Separation Situation

Lastly, following a break-up or separation situation, finding this upside-down card implies emotional turmoil and lack of closure post-breakup. In such cases though tough initially, time will indeed heal all wounds and allow for personal growth through self-reflection.

Remember: The strength Reversed isn’t exclusively negative in its representation; instead it functions as a spotlight highlighting areas where additional work is needed within relationships. Be open-minded about what messages you receive from these cards—after all; they’re here to help guide us towards better understanding our lives and hearts.


Let’s wrap things up. You’ve journeyed through the meaning of the Strength Tarot card in both its upright and reversed positions. It’s now clear that this card represents not just physical prowess, but also emotional strength, compassion, and patience.

The Strength Tarot card is a symbol of inner power. Upright, it encourages you to harness your inner strengths and capabilities. It reassures you that with patience and compassion, you can overcome any obstacle. Remember that real strength isn’t about brute force; it’s about understanding your emotions and those of others around you.

In its reversed form though, the Strength Tarot Card sends a different message. It suggests self-doubt or misuse of power. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed or letting fear rule your decisions. Alternatively, it could mean you’re overstepping boundaries without realizing it.

But don’t worry! The beauty of tarot is its ability to guide us towards self-improvement. If the Strength card appears reversed in your reading, see it as an opportunity for growth rather than a negative judgment.

And finally, remember that tarot readings are highly personal experiences subject to interpretation. Each individual will connect with the cards differently based on their unique life circumstances.

To sum up:

  • The upright Strength Tarot Card represents inner emotional strength.
  • In its reversed position, it can indicate self-doubt or misuse of power.
  • Reading tarot is a deeply personal experience; each person will interpret cards differently based on their own life experiences.

Congratulations! You’ve expanded your knowledge on one more piece in the complex puzzle that is tarot reading! Keep learning and exploring – there’s always more to discover in this fascinating world!