Strength as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

Love, with all its ups and downs, is a journey of strength in many forms. Strength as feelings in love and relationships can manifest itself upright or reversed. This dynamic duality paints the canvas of your emotional life with hues that reflect not only the power within you but also the challenges you face.

When strength presents itself upright, it’s about showing courage in times of adversity, persevering when things get tough and expressing your emotions honestly without fear. It means standing up for what you believe in, even if it’s not popular. You’re confident in yourself and your partner—there’s a sense of mutual respect and equality.

On the flip side, a reversed display of strength implies an imbalance — maybe there’s overdependence on one another or perhaps communication isn’t as open as it should be. Reversed strength might mean there are suppressed emotions causing tension or conflict. But don’t worry—it doesn’t mean failure; instead it serves as a gentle nudge to reassess and realign your relationship dynamics.

Understanding this intricate dance between upright and reversed strengths is key to nurturing healthier relationships. As you embark on this self-discovery journey regarding love & relationships, remember: every step makes you stronger.

The Symbolism of Strength

Dive into the rich symbolism of strength in love and relationships. It’s not just about physical prowess or dominance, but a deeper emotional and spiritual fortitude that truly defines strength. This concept is beautifully illustrated in Tarot cards, where the Strength card often depicts a woman gently taming a lion.

Strength symbolizes inner power that can manifest itself as patience, understanding, compassion, and self-control. In love and relationships, these qualities are crucial for maintaining harmony and overcoming obstacles. To illustrate this point:

  • Patience allows you to tolerate your partner’s weaknesses.
  • Understanding helps you see things from their perspective.
  • Compassion fosters empathy and kindness towards them.
  • Self-control ensures measured responses during conflicts.

In its upright position, the Strength card signifies positive aspects like courage, persuasion, influence, and determination. These traits contribute to resilience in relationships – enabling couples to weather storms together while nurturing mutual respect.

However, when reversed, it signifies potential issues like self-doubt or misuse of power which could lead to unhealthy dynamics in love matters. For instance:

  • Misuse of power might manifest as manipulation or control.
  • Self-doubt can erode confidence leading to co-dependency issues.

Remember that each relationship has its unique dynamics; hence interpretations may vary based on individual circumstances. But at its core, strength remains an essential ingredient for successful partnerships – embodying perseverance in adversity while promoting gentleness and understanding towards each other’s vulnerabilities.

In conclusion (without saying “in conclusion”), let’s consider these symbols not just as abstract concepts but tools for introspection regarding our behavior within our relationships. They remind us how true strength isn’t demonstrated by brute force but through compassionate restraint – helping us build stronger bonds with our loved ones based on respect and mutual growth.

Upright Strength as feelings

When it comes to interpreting the upright Strength card in a love and relationship context, it can reveal fascinating insights about emotions, dynamics, and potential outcomes.

How someone feels about you

If you’ve been wondering what’s going on inside your crush’s head, the upright Strength could give some clues. This card suggests they perceive you as a strong and resilient person who can handle life’s ups and downs with grace. They’re likely drawn to your courage and inner strength. Moreover, they might appreciate how you balance your emotional side with rational thinking – a rare combo indeed!


For all the single people out there seeking insight into their love lives, the upright Strength card brings positive vibes. It indicates that you’re at a stage where emotional maturity is growing within you. You’re learning how to manage your feelings better, which is an attractive quality for any potential partner. The key message here is: don’t rush things; allow this growth process to unfold naturally for richer experiences ahead.

Existing Relationship

In an existing relationship, this tarot card signifies deep emotional strength that holds partners together even through rough patches. It tells of mutual respect between partners who both bring their unique strengths into the relationship making it dynamic yet stable. Remember though, strength doesn’t always have to be loud or obvious – sometimes being there for each other consistently is one of the strongest gestures in love.

Ex’s Feeling

Ever wondered what your ex may be feeling? The upright Strength depicts feelings of admiration towards your resilience during or after the break-up period. They might also feel challenged by your ability to maintain dignity amidst adversity which further sparks their respect towards you.

Overall (without saying ‘overall’), when seen from a perspective of love & relationships – whether it’s gaining insight into someone’s feelings about us or understanding our own emotive landscape – the Upright Strength tarot paints an image of inner fortitude coupled with softness that makes relationships meaningful.

Strength Reversed as Love Outcome

When you’ve drawn the Strength card in reverse, it’s time to take a closer look at your relationships. This card can bring surprising insights, especially when you’re unsure of what the future holds.

Love Questions

If you’re single and wondering about love prospects, seeing Strength reversed could mean that there’s an internal struggle happening. You might be grappling with feelings of insecurity or doubt. Remember, it’s okay to experience such emotions. Even though they may seem overwhelming now, these feelings can help guide you to self-discovery and improvement.

Career Questions

For those curious about their career paths impacting relationships, pulling Strength reversed is an indicator that work stress may be sneaking into personal life. It might be time for some serious self-reflection on how much energy and time you’re pouring into work versus your relationship.

New Relationship

In the context of a new relationship, this card suggests perhaps there’s a fear or hesitance holding back one’s true feelings. Being open and honest is scary but necessary for cultivating deep connections.

Existing Relationship

When it comes to existing relationships, if Strength shows up reversed in a reading, it might hint towards power struggles causing tension between partners. A gentle reminder here: balance is key in every aspect of life including love!

Reconciliation with an Ex

Are thoughts about reconciling with an ex circling your mind? Well then! The appearance of the reversed strength card hints at unresolved issues that need addressing before moving forward.

Remember throughout all these interpretations that tarot cards are simply guides—they don’t predict the future; rather they offer insight based on current energies surrounding you at any given moment.


Diving into the realm of love and relationships, you’ve discovered that strength isn’t just physical muscle. It’s about feelings, commitment, and the power to endure hardships together. Upright or reversed – strength manifests differently but is equally important.

In relationships, the upright representation of strength reflects patience, compassion, and gentle control. You’ve seen how it symbolizes a bond where both partners respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You may find yourself in a relationship that mirrors this expression of strength.

If your situation aligns more with the reversed aspect of strength, don’t fret. Even if it implies imbalance or insecurity within your relationship, remember that recognizing these issues is the first step towards resolution.

Often times we see numbers as indicators of progress or success in many aspects of life – relationships are no different:

Upright StrengthReversed Strength
Gentle ControlLack Of Self-Discipline

Relationships are intricate dynamics influenced by countless factors:

  • Mutual understanding
  • Emotional compatibility
  • Shared experiences
  • Personal growth

Lastly, always keep in mind: whether upright or reversed—strength in love isn’t about domination but rather mutual support and understanding. As you navigate through your own unique journey of love, may you find true strength along the way.