Strength as Career Advice (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

If you’ve ever been intrigued by the symbolic world of Tarot, you know that each card has its unique meaning. The Strength card, both in its upright and reversed positions, is particularly fascinating. This powerful card symbolizes inner strength and control, qualities that are vitally important in your career journey.

In its upright position, the Strength Tarot card represents resilience, determination, and self-confidence. When it comes to career advice, it suggests that you’re on a path where these traits will lead to success. You have an inner fire; a passion for what you do that not only propels you forward but also inspires those around you.

However, when this card appears reversed in a reading, it holds a different message. It hints at self-doubt or lack of control–an indication that perhaps it’s time to reassess your current professional situation.

As with all things tarot-related though,** interpretations can vary** based on individual circumstances – so always remember to take into account your own personal context when relating these meanings to your career progression!

The Symbolism of Strength

Dive into the vivid imagery of the Strength Tarot card, and you’ll find a plethora of symbols that offer profound insights. At the center of it all is a woman calmly taming a lion – an iconic representation which speaks volumes about inner strength and control over one’s primal instincts.

The first noticeable feature in most versions of this card would be the infinity symbol hovering above the woman’s head. This suggests infinite potential or possibilities. It’s an encouragement to tap into your limitless reservoir of power and courage when confronting life’s challenges.

Now, let’s talk about the lion – traditionally seen as a symbol for animalistic impulses like rage or fear. But here, in context with our lady protagonist, it serves as an embodiment of raw emotion being guided by compassion and understanding. It underscores that real strength isn’t about brute force but gentle control.

The lush landscape surrounding these central figures can’t be overlooked either. You’ll often see mountains in the distance – symbols for obstacles or challenges ahead. However, they’re portrayed not as insurmountable peaks but mere bumps under clear skies, suggesting you’ve got what it takes to conquer any upcoming trials with grace and determination.

Finally, there are minor details such as flowers on her dress or crown which subtly hint at flourishing personal growth while keeping emotions balanced and grounded.

To summarize:

  • The woman taming a lion: Represents inner strength
  • Infinity symbol: Signifies infinite possibilities
  • Lion: Embodies raw emotion
  • Landscape (including mountains): Indicates upcoming trials
  • Flowers on dress/crown: Suggests personal growth with emotional balance

This rich tapestry of symbolism within Strength makes this Tarot card a powerful tool for self-reflection and guidance in both career progression and personal development journeys.

Upright Strength as career advice

When the upright Strength tarot card shows up in your reading, it’s a clear sign that you possess great resilience and determination. This can translate into various aspects of your professional life.

New Job

So, you’re considering a new job? Pulling the upright Strength card indicates you’ve got what it takes to face this challenge head-on. You’re resilient enough to adapt to a new environment and determined enough to excel at any tasks thrown your way. Remember, patience is key during this transition period.

Financial Advice

The Strength card in an upright position also carries financial implications. It reassures you that now’s not the time for impulsive decisions or risky investments. Instead, it encourages smart money management and careful spending habits.

Current Job

Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed by your current job? The upright Strength card suggests harnessing inner strength and courage can help turn things around. Showcasing perseverance in tough situations will eventually lead to recognition and possibly even promotion.

Starting a Business

Starting your own business can be exciting yet daunting all at once. Drawing the upright Strength Tarot card hints at success but reminds you that persistence is crucial in entrepreneurship. Stay steadfast on your path, overcome hurdles with grace, and stay patient for rewards are just around the corner.

Switch industries

Planning on switching industries? That’s quite the leap! But fear not – the presence of the Upright Strength Tarot Card signifies that you have the necessary courage and inner strength needed for such a significant change.

In essence, whether it’s about seeking new jobs, managing finances wisely, performing well in an existing job role, starting up a business venture or making drastic industry changes – drawing an Upright Strength Tarot Card brings forth positive vibes full of resilience, patience and determination.

Strength Reversed as career advice

When the Strength card shows up in reverse in a tarot reading, it signals feelings of self-doubt and lack of control. Let’s explore how this plays out in various career scenarios.

New Job

You’re on the hunt for a new job, but you’re feeling unsure about your abilities? The reversed Strength card is telling you to focus on building your confidence. Remember, no one starts off knowing everything. It’s okay not to have all the answers right off the bat. Take baby steps if you must but don’t let fear hold you back from exploring exciting opportunities.

Financial Advice

Financially speaking, when Strength appears reversed, it may indicate troubles managing your money or lacking financial discipline. You might find yourself spending impulsively or struggling with budgeting. Now could be an excellent time to seek professional financial advice or educate yourself about smart money habits.

Current Job

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at work and are questioning your capabilities – take heed! The reversed Strength card suggests that you may be underestimating your skills and talents. Rather than allowing self-doubt to sabotage your success, try focusing on past achievements and use them as fuel to propel forward.

Starting a Business

Dreaming of setting up a business but wrestling with confidence issues? The appearance of this tarot card suggests that it’s essential for you to believe in yourself before others can do so too. Sure, starting a business can seem daunting initially but remember: Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Switch industries

Pondering about changing careers entirely? If the thought fills you with uncertainty and apprehension, know that it’s normal! Transitioning into unfamiliar territory naturally comes with its share of fears and doubts; however, these shouldn’t deter you from making strides towards fulfilling work life.

In conclusion (without using those words), confronting our fears isn’t easy—whether we’re applying for jobs or launching businesses—but being aware helps us navigate better through our journey.


Your journey with the Strength tarot card is a powerful one. Whether upright or reversed, this card carries lessons that can significantly impact your career path.

When drawn upright, it’s clear that inner strength and courage are needed in your professional life. This might mean standing up for what you believe in at work or tackling a new project head-on, even if it seems daunting. It’s about harnessing your personal power to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

On the other hand, if the card appears reversed in your reading, it signals a need to reflect on how you’re managing stress and conflict at work. Are you suppressing emotions? Are you avoiding confrontation? It’s time to address these issues head-on and regain control over your emotional well-being.


  • The Strength tarot card is not solely about physical power; it also speaks of mental resilience.
  • The key takeaway here is balance – balancing passion with composure, strength with gentleness.
  • Don’t shy away from challenges; they’re opportunities for growth.

Ultimately, whether upright or reversed, the Strength tarot card encourages you to build resilience and maintain grace under pressure – qualities that will serve you well in any career. Embrace these messages as invaluable career advice moving forward.

So keep these insights close to heart as they can guide you towards fruitful decisions in your professional life. Bullying through rough patches will only lead to burnout; instead use wisdom and understanding portrayed by this mighty Tarot Card.