Justice as a Message (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice card in the Tarot embodies the principles of truth, balance, and fairness. As a symbol, it speaks to the heart of equity in human affairs, reflecting the cause and effect nature of our decisions and actions. When Justice appears in a reading, it often conveys a message of accountability, urging us to face the consequences of our actions with integrity. This article delves into the meaning of Justice as a message in various relationship contexts, both when it appears upright and when it is reversed, offering insights into navigating the complexities of love and connection with fairness and honesty.

Upright Justice as Message Outcome

When the Justice card appears upright in a tarot reading as a message outcome, it heralds a time of significant clarity and fairness in your life’s journey, especially concerning personal relationships and interactions with others. This embodiment of balance and truth serves as a guiding light, ensuring that all actions and decisions are approached with a sense of ethical responsibility and integrity.

The upright position of Justice emphasizes the importance of honesty, mutual respect, and equality, encouraging us to face any situation with a clear conscience. It signals a period where the scales of justice will tip in favor of those who have acted with good intentions, suggesting that truth and fairness will prevail in the end. Whether in matters of the heart, professional endeavors, or personal growth, the message of Justice upright is one of accountability and the inevitable balancing of karmic scales, reminding us that our choices and behaviors directly impact our outcomes and relationships.

Upright Justice in Potential Relationship

When Justice appears upright in the context of a potential relationship, it serves as a reminder to approach new connections with openness and honesty. This card underscores the importance of establishing a foundation of trust and fairness from the outset. It suggests that any potential relationship on the horizon is being called to a higher standard of integrity. Justice in this position advises individuals to consider the long-term implications of their actions and choices, emphasizing the need for clear communication and mutual respect. The message here is one of patience and deliberation, ensuring that both parties are willing to contribute to a balanced and equitable partnership.

Upright Justice in New Relationships

In new relationships, the upright Justice card signals a period of assessment and adjustment, where the values of honesty and equality are paramount. It encourages new partners to weigh their commitments and expectations against the reality of their connection. This stage of a relationship is crucial for setting the tone of fairness and respect that will define the partnership moving forward. Justice here calls for a balanced approach to sharing and receiving, urging individuals to remain truthful and considerate in their interactions. It’s a reminder that the strength of a relationship lies in its ability to withstand the truths revealed through open communication.

Upright Justice in Existing Relationships

For those in established relationships, Justice upright brings attention to the dynamics of fairness and reciprocity. It may indicate a time to reevaluate the balance of give and take between partners, addressing any areas where inequality may have crept in. This card asks both individuals to hold themselves and each other accountable for maintaining a just and respectful partnership. Whether facing decisions or resolving conflicts, Justice advises approaching these challenges with a commitment to honesty and fairness, ensuring that actions and decisions are made with the best interests of both partners in mind.

Upright Justice in Separation

In the context of separation, Justice upright delivers a powerful message about handling the end of a relationship with dignity and respect. It emphasizes the need for clear, truthful communication and a fair resolution of shared matters. This card suggests that even in parting, there can be a mutual understanding and an equitable division of emotional and material responsibilities. It’s a reminder that closure and healing are facilitated by a balanced and thoughtful conclusion to the relationship, allowing both parties to move forward with integrity.

Justice Reversed as Message Outcome

When the Justice card is drawn in its reversed position as a message outcome in a tarot reading, it signals a period of introspection and caution regarding matters of fairness and integrity. This inversion suggests that there may be imbalances or injustices that need to be addressed, whether in personal relationships, professional situations, or within oneself.

The reversed Justice card warns of the consequences of avoiding accountability or failing to adhere to principles of truth and fairness. It invites us to examine where we might be contributing to disparities or where we may be experiencing a lack of equilibrium in our lives. This card serves as a reminder that the path to harmony often requires confronting uncomfortable truths and making amends for past actions. The Justice card reversed encourages a reevaluation of our decisions and behaviors, urging us to restore balance and rectify any injustices to move forward more positively and equitably.

Justice Reversed in New Beginnings

When Justice appears reversed at the start of new beginnings, it warns of potential unfairness or dishonesty that may undermine the foundation of new ventures or relationships. This inversion suggests a need to reexamine motives and actions, highlighting the importance of rectifying any injustices before proceeding. In the realm of new beginnings, the reversed Justice card advises caution and reflection, urging individuals to confront any biases or unresolved issues that could distort their perception of fairness and truth.

Justice Reversed in Potential Relationships

In potential relationships, Justice reversed points to the risk of imbalance and inequality, where one party may not be fully honest or committed to the principles of fairness. It calls for a reassessment of intentions and desires, emphasizing the need to address any underlying issues that could prevent a healthy, balanced relationship from forming. This card serves as a caution against entering into connections without a clear understanding and agreement on the values of integrity and respect that should underpin any potential partnership.

Justice Reversed in New Relationships

For new relationships, Justice reversed highlights challenges related to imbalances and potential injustices. It may indicate that one or both parties are not being entirely honest or fair in their dealings with each other, leading to misunderstandings and mistrust. This card urges those in new relationships to confront these issues directly, advocating for transparency and a sincere effort to establish a more equitable dynamic. It’s a call to action to correct any unfairness, ensuring that the relationship has the opportunity to grow on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Justice Reversed in Existing Relationships

In existing relationships, the appearance of Justice reversed signifies underlying issues of fairness and equity that need to be addressed. It suggests that unresolved grievances or a lack of accountability may be causing strain on the partnership. This card encourages a thorough examination of the relationship’s dynamics, urging both partners to engage in honest dialogue and work towards restoring balance and harmony. It’s a reminder that justice and fairness are crucial to the health and longevity of any relationship, calling for actions and decisions that reflect a commitment to these values.

Justice Reversed in Separated Relationships

When it comes to separated relationships, Justice reversed warns of the complications that can arise from a lack of fairness and closure. It may indicate that the separation process is being hampered by unresolved issues or an imbalance in the division of emotional and material responsibilities. This card advises seeking resolution through open communication and a fair negotiation, emphasizing the importance of addressing any injustices to allow for a smoother transition and healing for both parties.


The message of the Justice tarot card, whether upright or reversed, is a powerful reminder of the importance of fairness, honesty, and balance in all stages of a relationship. By adhering to the principles of justice, individuals can navigate the complexities of love and connection with integrity and respect. Whether embarking on new relationships, nurturing existing connections, or navigating the delicate process of separation, the guidance of Justice offers a path towards resolution and understanding, ensuring that each party is treated with the fairness and respect they deserve. In the realm of relationships, the message of Justice is clear: balance, truth, and equity are the cornerstones of healthy, lasting connections.