Justice as Feelings (Upright & Reversed) Tarot Card Meaning

The Justice tarot card, when it comes to matters of the heart, holds profound meanings both in its upright and reversed positions. This card, part of the Major Arcana, is a symbol of balance, fairness, and truth. As we explore its implications, we delve into the realms of potential, new, and existing relationships, as well as the delicate phase of separation. Through this lens, Justice offers insights that can guide individuals towards clarity and equilibrium in their emotional connections.

Upright Justice as Feelings Outcome

In the realm of feelings, the Upright Justice card as an outcome symbolizes a period where balance and fairness are coming to the forefront of emotional interactions. This card reflects a state of equilibrium where honesty and equality play critical roles in how feelings are expressed and understood between individuals. When Justice appears upright in a reading concerning emotions, it suggests that any forthcoming decisions or resolutions will be made with a clear sense of right and wrong, ensuring that all parties are treated with respect and dignity. It’s a reminder that truthfulness and integrity are paramount, urging those involved to approach their situations with an open heart and a fair mind.

The appearance of Upright Justice in the context of feelings also indicates a phase of karmic reckoning, where actions and decisions are being assessed according to their moral and ethical implications. It implies that the outcomes of emotional disputes or dilemmas will be aligned with the principles of justice and equity, ensuring that each person receives what they rightfully deserve.

This card encourages individuals to reflect on their own contributions to their current circumstances, promoting a sense of personal accountability. In essence, Justice heralds a time when the truth of one’s feelings and intentions can lead to a harmonious and balanced resolution, fostering healthier and more honest relationships.

Upright Justice in Potential Relationship

In the upright position, Justice speaks to the importance of honesty and balance in the budding stages of a relationship. This card suggests that both parties are considering their connection with a level head, weighing the pros and cons before making any commitments. It’s a period of evaluation, where the truth of one’s feelings and intentions are paramount. If you’re inquiring about a potential relationship, Justice indicates a need for open communication and mutual respect. The outcome hinges on the ability of both individuals to be fair and just in their dealings with each other, ensuring that any decision made is in the best interest of both parties.

Upright Justice in New Relationships

For those navigating the early phases of a relationship, the Justice card signals a period of adjustment and understanding. It emphasizes the significance of establishing a balanced dynamic, where both partners feel equally valued and heard. This stage is crucial for laying down a foundation of trust and fairness, as it sets the tone for the relationship’s future.

Justice here advises you to approach your new connection with integrity, encouraging honesty and transparency in your interactions. It’s a reminder that true harmony is achieved when both individuals are willing to work together towards a common goal, respecting each other’s perspectives and needs.

Upright Justice in Existing Relationships

In the context of established relationships, Justice underscores the theme of accountability and fairness. It suggests that any current issues can be resolved through open dialogue and a balanced approach to problem-solving.

This card encourages couples to assess their relationship objectively, acknowledging their respective roles in both the harmony and discord present. If faced with decisions, Justice advises you to consider what is fair and just for both partners. It’s a call to action to address grievances with compassion and empathy, striving to restore equilibrium and strengthen the bond between you.

Upright Justice in Separation

When it comes to separation, the Justice card in its upright position indicates a need for closure and resolution that honors the truth of the relationship. It suggests that parting ways can be done with mutual respect and understanding, ensuring that both parties are treated fairly.

This phase requires a clear assessment of the relationship’s dynamics, with an emphasis on honesty and integrity. Justice here serves as a guide for navigating the complex emotions of a breakup, encouraging individuals to seek peace and balance in the process of letting go.

Justice Reversed as Message Outcome

When the Justice card appears reversed as a message outcome, it signifies a departure from balance and fairness, pointing towards situations where injustice, bias, or unfair treatment may be at play. This inversion calls attention to the presence of dishonesty or a lack of accountability that could be impacting the emotional climate of a relationship or situation.

The reversed Justice warns of decisions made or outcomes arrived at without full consideration of fairness or integrity. It suggests a scenario where the scales are tipped, not by truth and ethical conduct, but by personal biases, misjudgments, or the evasion of responsibility. This card in a reversed position encourages a reevaluation of the principles guiding one’s actions and decisions, urging an introspective look at whether one is truly acting in good faith or is being swayed by less honorable motivations.

Moreover, Justice reversed as a message outcome highlights the potential for unresolved issues or grievances to cloud judgment and affect interpersonal dynamics negatively. It may indicate that the consequences of past actions are not being dealt with openly, leading to a cycle of imbalance and disharmony. In this context, the card serves as a reminder of the importance of confronting uncomfortable truths and seeking to rectify wrongs in a manner that restores equilibrium.

It prompts individuals to seek clarity and fairness, not just in their dealings with others but also within themselves, advocating for a path towards resolution that acknowledges and corrects the injustices that have led to the current state of affairs. By addressing these challenges head-on, there is an opportunity to realign with the principles of justice, even if it means navigating through difficult and uncomfortable truths.

Justice Reversed in New Beginnings

When Justice appears reversed at the start of a new chapter, it warns of imbalance and unfairness that may cloud one’s judgment. This positioning suggests that there may be a lack of honesty or openness in approaching new situations or relationships. It’s a call to examine whether personal biases or unresolved issues are influencing your decisions. In new beginnings, the reversed Justice card advises a reassessment of your approach, urging you to seek clarity and truth before moving forward.

Justice Reversed in Potential Relationships

In the realm of potential relationships, Justice reversed speaks to misunderstandings or misjudgments that could hinder the formation of a healthy connection. It indicates that there may be an imbalance in how feelings or intentions are perceived, leading to confusion or doubt.

This card advises taking a step back to reassess your expectations and the reality of the situation. It’s a reminder to question whether fairness and equality are at the heart of this budding connection, and whether both parties are truly ready to embark on this journey together.

Justice Reversed in New Relationships

For new relationships, Justice reversed can signify a struggle to find common ground or maintain balance. This may manifest as one partner feeling undervalued or overlooked. The card cautions against ignoring red flags or compromising one’s values for the sake of harmony.

It encourages individuals to address issues of fairness and equality early on, emphasizing the importance of mutual respect and understanding. The reversed Justice card in this context is a call to realign the relationship’s dynamics, ensuring that it is built on a foundation of truth and justice.

Justice Reversed in Existing Relationships

In established relationships, Justice reversed suggests that unresolved issues or imbalances may be causing tension or conflict. It highlights the need for introspection and honesty in addressing the root causes of discord. This card warns against avoiding difficult conversations or denying one’s part in the relationship’s challenges. It’s a reminder to strive for fairness and understanding, encouraging couples to work together to restore balance and harmony.

Justice Reversed in Separated Relationships

During separation, Justice reversed warns of the potential for unfairness or bitterness to overshadow the process of parting ways. It suggests that unresolved grievances or a lack of closure may complicate the ability to move on. This card advises seeking a resolution that acknowledges the complexities of the relationship, aiming for an outcome that respects the dignity of both parties. It’s a call to approach the situation with compassion and an open heart, striving for a sense of peace and balance in the midst of change.


The Justice card, whether upright or reversed, offers profound insights into the dynamics of relationships at various stages. It serves as a reminder of the importance of balance, fairness, and truth in forming, maintaining, and concluding emotional bonds. By embracing the lessons of Justice, individuals can navigate the complexities of their connections with greater clarity and integrity, ultimately leading to healthier and more fulfilling relationships.