Judgement Tarot Card Meaning: Upright and Reversed

The Judgement card, numbered XX in the Major Arcana, is a powerful symbol of rebirth, reflection, and transformation. It represents the moment of awakening, where past actions, thoughts, and decisions are evaluated, leading to profound realizations and the call to a higher purpose. Judgement encourages you to assess your life and your choices, beckoning you towards a new phase of growth and fulfillment.

Tarot, an ancient divination tool, has been a source of wisdom and insight for countless seekers throughout history. Each card in the Tarot deck carries a unique and powerful message, and among them, the Judgement card stands as a beacon of transformation and awakening. In this extensive guide, we unravel the multifaceted meanings of the Judgement card in both its upright and reversed positions, digging deep into its symbolism, and providing you with interpretations that align with your spiritual quest.

The Essence of Judgement Tarot Card

At first glance, the Judgement card may evoke a sense of scrutiny and the feeling of being under the watchful eye of an unseen force. However, it’s important to note that the Judgement card is not about condemnation, but rather about evaluating your past to understand the present and shape the future. In the Rider-Waite deck, we see Archangel Gabriel sounding his trumpet, calling beings to arise and face the day of reckoning.

Upright Judgement Tarot Card

When this card appears upright in a spread, it heralds a time for reflection and growth. The universe is sending a wake-up call, urging you to review your actions and recognize the consequences. It signifies that a phase of your life is coming to an end, and it’s time to move forward with the lessons you’ve learned. The Judgement card prompts you to make peace with your past and welcome the changes with an open heart and mind.

Symbolism and Interpretations

Each element of the Judgement card holds a key to your understanding: the trumpet symbolizes perceiving the truth, the flag signifies victory, and the figures rising from the graves denote rebirth.

  • Call to Action: Listen to the calls of your higher self or the universe directing you towards your true path.
  • Rebirth and Reflection: Now is the time to reinvent yourself, to grow and change.
  • Acceptance of Judgement: Acknowledge any missteps with courage and humility. Allow yourself to be judged, not by others, but by your own moral compass.

Reversed Judgement Tarot Card

In contrast, the Judgement card in reverse can indicate a reluctance to face an issue or your own truth. You may be turning a deaf ear to opportunities for growth or refusing to acknowledge the need for change. This evasion can lead to stagnation and missed chances to correct your course. It’s a time for radical acceptance and taking ownership of your life’s narrative.

Symbolism and Interpretations

The reversal of the Judgement card suggests a need to reconsider your approach to life.

  • Stagnation: You may be stuck in the past, resentful or overseen, and this is preventing your personal growth.
  • Unheeded Warnings: You may be ignoring the signs that the universe is sending, out of fear or denial.
  • Overcoming Self-Judgement: Forgive yourself for past actions and move forward without guilt or shame.

The Judgement in Everyday Life

The Judgement card encompasses various aspects of our lives. It challenges us to look deeply into our souls, our past, and our relations, attuning to the energies that surround our very existence.


In a relational context, the Judgement card urges you to reconsider ties that may have lost their relevance. It might mean rediscovering a passion in a long-term relationship or realizing that you’ve outgrown certain friendships or alliances. Similarly, Judgement calls for decisions that honor your well-being, integrity, and emotional growth, no matter how tough they may seem.

Career and Finances

Concerning career and finances, the Judgement card advises you to review your choices and make informed decisions. Are you on the right career path? Are your financial habits leading you towards prosperity? This Major Arcana card reminds you that you have the power to redefine your goals and pursue the calling that resonates with your inner being.

Health and Well-being

In matters of health, the Judgement card may highlight the need to listen to your body’s signals and take necessary action to restore balance. It might be time to undergo a complete health check or consider holistic approaches to healing.

Evolution through Integration: Judgement Card

To fully integrate the wisdom of the Judgement card, it is useful to approach its reading as part of a larger story within the Tarot spread.

Other Cards Present

How does the Judgement card interact with the other cards in the reading? For instance, paired with the Chariot, it may indicate a swift determination to follow your true path. With the Four of Cups, it might highlight a dissatisfaction that stems from not fulfilling your potential.

Numerology and Astrology

Exploring the numerology of the Judgement card – the number 20 – presents us with the vibrations of 2 (partnerships and balance) and the trinity of 0 (unlimited potential). In astrology, this card resonates with the planet Pluto, the harbinger of transformation, and the sign of Scorpio, denoting profound change and introspection.


The Judgement card, at its core, is about rising to meet the challenges of life with wisdom and grace. It advises that true empowerment comes from the understanding of not only our actions but our reactions to the world around us. Whether upright or reversed, this card calls you to fully recognize your narrative and the power you hold to alter its course.

In conclusion, the Judgement card offers an exceptional opportunity for self-discovery, healing, and purpose. Its appearance in a reading is a potent reminder that the choices we make today shape the experiences of tomorrow. Pay attention to the calls of your higher self and be willing to undergo the necessary transformations to lead a fulfilling life. Remember, the end of one chapter always paves the way for the beginning of another.